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Hajj Qaseem Soleimani’s Martyrdom : Sheikh Zakzaky’s speech

Sheikh Zakzaky’s Message on the Occasion of 2nd Year Commemoration of Hajj Qaseem Soleimani’s Martyrdom.
From his Abuja residence.
3rd January, 2022

"Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah ta’ala wa barakatahu.
"We are from Allah, and to Him is our return
"We are now commemorating the martyrdom of General Qaseem Soleimani (may Allah have mercy on him), an icon of fight against terrorism.

"No doubt, the killers of General Qaseem Soleimani have exposed themselves: here you have somebody who spends all his life trying to ensure that all traces of terrorists have been flushed out in Iraq and Syria, he is a strategist who had undone all the strategists of the enemy particularly in these two countries; yet at the end of the day he was killed by those who show themselves to be the actual terrorists. Here (at one hand) there is somebody fighting terrorism, and here (on another hand) is someone who now murdered him, showing clearly who is the actual terrorist. The sponsors and actors of terrorism (have by killing General Qassem) unmask themselves.

"But they have made grievous mistake: first, they have exposed themselves; second, they have spilled a pure blood. The martyrdom of General Qassem Soleimani has indeed shook us, and we actually mourn the event. But (as I am saying) the killers have made grievous mistake because the blood of the martyr will continue to haunt you- definitely it will. You have made a mistake similar to those tyrants before you: those who made the mistake of the massacre of Karbala which is now commemorated and has turned into an army for the awaited savior (AF). This similar mistake was made by the Zionists in the martyrdom of Sayyid Abbas Musawi, thinking that they will finish the Hezbollah, but instead (Hezbollah) became ever stronger! And they have got another able leader in the person of Sayyid Nasrullah (H). They have made similar mistake also in killing General Imad Mughniyah whose blood has also haunted them, and gave them a blow they have never forgotten (till date)! Similarly, in the same vein, because Allah (T) is saying in the Qur’an; 3:76: “Faqatilu auliya’as shaidan, inna kaidash shaidana kana da’ifa” (meaning that, fight the supporters of Satan because the strategy of the devil is weak). The devil is weak (and that made) his strategy (to commit) same mistake frequently.

"Now they have made the mistake of killing General Qassem Soleimani and his colleague Abu Mahdi Muhandis, this (mistake they have made) will continue to haunt them. We will always remember these fighters for peace, these fighters of terrorism, and their blood will now raise more (fighters) like them. No doubt, loosing them has created a vacuum which may be difficult to replace, but it will raise the awareness (of the people) and raise more generations of more fighters Inshaa Allah!

"I am happy to see an exhibition made recently to commemorate martyrs and there are some portraits (of those martyrs) in front of them is General Qassem Soleimani and a lot of other martyrs including (martyrs) from Nigeria (from the massacre of Zaria which took place six years ago).
"We will continue to remember you O our martyrs! We will continue to remember General Qassem Soleimani every January of the year and Inshaa Allah this will continue as we always commemorate other martyrs including Chief of martyrs Abi Abdullahil Hussain (as).

"This (is a) brief talk with prayer to the martyrs and making promise to them that their blood (shed) will never go in vain Inshaa Allah.
"May Allah protect the Islamic republic of Irann! May Allah protect the leader Sayyid Khamnei! And may Allah strengthen our feet and unite us. And may Allah bring the end to these arrogant powers. And may Allah hasten the reappearance of the savior (of humanity) Imam Mahdi (AF)."
— Written by: The Institute for compilation and Publication of Shaikh Zakzaky’s Works.

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