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Govt Don’t kill Nigerians, COVID-19 is real

By Abdulmumin Giwa
Why is the government deceiving Nigerians? In the first place this virus shouldn’t have been allowed into Nigeria. Alas it is here. Now COVID-19 must not be allowed to have a field day in Nigeria. Neither the Nigerian government at all levels, nor the Nigerians are taking this issue serious. Nigerians must be funded to stay at home while fumigation and tests taking place to isolate those who have contracted the Virus for treatment.


Our concern is how the government will provide substantial palliative to keep people at home to curb the spread and possible outbreak of Corona Virus. The government is doing nothing in this direction.


The government and the people must understand that no matter how expensive the government sees feeding Nigerians to stay at home as being, it is the cheapest thing it can do to save the lives of Nigerians at the moment. Definitely, it will be ten times more expensive to treat Nigerians when there is an outbreak of COVID-19.


Those in authority are joking with the lives of Nigerians. If a country like the US, with all it’s sophistication in the field of medicine and science will be crying for help because of COVID-19 devastation what would one expect of a populated underdeveloped country like Nigeria? The country is in the best situation to deal a deadly blow on this pandemic but the government and its people are busy looking for opportunities to loot public funds, deceive the people and tell them lies. This is a matter of life and death.


On the other hand, the Nigerian medical experts are not doing enough in pressurizing the government to do the right thing. We all believe that the government is working and acting on their advises. They should put pressure on the government to do the right thing. Close down the country and feed the people until you get rid of the pandemic. Simple!!!


If nothing, at least there is no where to run to for treatment no matter how much you might have stolen from the government coffers.


It is compulsory for Nigerian govt to invest in making people to stay at home until it curbs the spread of COVID-19 because it is cheaper than treating or managing an outbreak.


Don’t wait until people begin to die on the streets without undertakers to bury them before you will spend ten times what you will now simply use in arresting the situation.