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Goodluck Ebele Jonathan: A Trajectory of Power, Humiliations and Painful Exit

By Buhari Bello Jega
It is a small world indeed, for those who understand the transient nature of life, opportunity and power. Power they say corrupt; and absolute power corrupt absolutely.

 This is the best way to define the son of fisherman from the creek of the Niger-Delta, former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. In world of seriousness, intellectualism, morality and strong institutions and engaging citizens, there is no way, this son of fisherman Goodluck Ebele Jonathan could have even become a minister of the Federal Republic; talk less of its President. But, welcome to the Federal Republic of everything goes; where lunatic, hopeless and clueless characters become leaders, while people of integrity with strong leadership and intellectual sagacity are look down upon and hopelessly chase away. Indeed, it is a Federal Republic that deserves what its get from the characters they project and elects as leaders.

On May 5, 2010 President Umaru Musa Yar’adua gave up 2 years battle with terminal illness, shrewdly in secrecy by the cabals who control power. With the death of the President, power and responsibilities was transferred to the then Vice President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. A son of a fisherman man from Otueke in Bayelsa State from the most impoverishes village in the Niger-Delta. Ascending to power and glory from an unexpected son of the Niger-Delta region elicited excitement and thanksgiving from his kinsmen and women and some Nigerians who believe in the politics of marginalization of minority by the so called Majority ethnic groups. But, for me and few critical and serious Nigerians, we knew, the nation is in for some disappointing, vicarious and disastrous outcomes; as Goodluck Ebele Jonathan doesn’t have the intellectual, psychological and physiological ability to manage a complex and diverse society like Nigeria. He is not only clueless, but, light feather among comity of leaders and intellectuals. Unfortunately, within few months, the cluelessness and shallow thinking of the man, was shown to the world, when the October 1, 2010 bombing occurred at Eagle Square. Certain characters called MEND claim responsibility, behold, instead of our clueless leader to go after the criminal gangs, he did the unthinkable by defending them, because, they are his people. This was dramatic and unfortunate, because the man forgot or probably too drunk to remember that he is the President of all Nigerians, not, just his people. It was the biggest misfortune to have visited Nigeria, especially against the backdrop of the various unburied death corpses in mortuary in various hospitals across the Federal Capital.

This is the case of, when you want to test a man gives him money and power. Indeed, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was entrusted with power and commonwealth, but, failed to utilise and safeguard the lives and properties of Nigerians. He came to power through providences, but, forgot the transient nature of power, as he not only abused the power and opportunity given to him, but, almost become a semi god of Nigerians. Nigerians couldn’t understand nor appreciate, how a man from the impoverished fishing village of Otuoke, could easily forget God’s favour on him within a shortest period of time. Unfortunately, for Nigerians within the shortest period of time from ascending to power, before the 2011 elections, the man squandered billions of naira left by late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua. Serious and critical minded Nigerians shouted and call the attentions of Nigerians to this cluelessness and narrow minded attitude of the current criminal gangster in leadership position, but, Nigerians, were in ecstasy with the campaign mantra of “A breath of Fresh Air; I have no Shoe; and i came from a poor background; if i can make it, you can make it; the most educated President in Nigeria history” and all that noising, shabby and deceptive campaign message without substance”. Nigerians weren’t listening nor appreciating the enormous responsibilities and disaster ahead of them. For a country and people inflicted with the virus of gullibility, fatalism and to some extend stupidity, the messages resonate in their subconscious mindset. Nigerians just like their leaders were death drunk and swallow the bitter pills of branding and the storylines of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, even when his previous few months’ records were dismal failure.

The second coming of President Goodluck Jonathan after the 2011 general elections; finally unravelled and unleashed an unprecedented political cluelessness and economic banditry. For a man, who lacks temperament, charisma and sagacity in leadership position, how do we expect him to lead a diverse society like Nigeria? For the critical and serious minded Nigerians, they were not expecting any miracle from President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan; while the fresh air and i have no shoes gullible and fatalistic Nigerians, this is the time for interesting transformation, as the son of providences and the most educated Nigerian President ever, is set to perform miracles and turnaround the lives of average Nigerians. Unfortunately, the serious minded Nigerians finally won the race at the end of the day, if the current realities are anything to go by. For a man without knowledge and critical mindset, no doubt divisiveness, wickedness, state engineered intra/inter ethnic and religious conflicts, insurgency and empowering pseudo hopeless characters in the name of Boko Haram to destroy your so called enemies, become the policy agenda and contribution to humanity. Indeed, when a man is inflicted with self inbuilt inferiority complex, cluelessness, vindictiveness, irredentism, incompetence and wickedness he sees everything and everybody against him, especially critical and serious minds, that is why Muslims and North need to be punished for refusing to vote for and the crime of civil war.

Unfortunately, for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, a village boy from Otuoke, failed to understand and appreciate the complex nature of the Nigerian state. In his primitive imagination, he thought, Nigeria is like the little village (Otuoke) he came from. At the initial stage, he neither understand the complexity of the problems and what it takes to lead Nigeria; nor does he appreciate the prestige and responsibilities attached to the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. For a man that is not cosmopolitan and exposed, how do we expect him to understand and appreciate this complex dynamics? Nigeria and Nigerians that pride themselves as the giant of Africa and the most educated Nigerians finally chose an intellectually, morally and spiritually bankrupt dwarf as their leader; thereby making them a laughing stock around the world. At best the likes of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in serious minded society, should be an expert in fishing or working in zoological garden as a specialist, but not, the President of a highly educated diverse country like Nigeria. The reality is that, there is nothing Presidential about him; from his presentations-walking, standing and morals. Leadership is a serious business given to serious and critical members of the society.

Society that knows their onions, screen and chose the most eloquent, intelligent, morally upright person with good family values, and hardworking member of their society to lead them to prosperity. Unfortunately, for an emotional, gullible and fatalistic society likes ours ethnic, regional and religious background are mostly the indices for leadership recruitment and mentoring process; that, is how we ended up with characters like President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. For a man who doesn’t even understand the real meaning of leadership, power and responsibilities; how do we expect him to care for the wellbeing of his citizens? For a man who outsourced his powers to characters like coordinating Minister of Economy; coordinating minister of security; coordinating Minister of power and all manners of coordinators, how do we expect any sector to work? Having a buffoon as the President, these characters continue to coordinates their various ministries and agencies to their pocket, at the detriment of the people. For a clueless President who doesn’t understand nor appreciate the general drifts in the country, but, caged in ideological gridlock and scavenging for primitive accumulations.

Unfortunately for Nigerians, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan came to power with a mindset of volatile political culture from the Niger-Delta where politics is about militancy, assassinations, bullets, gun, bombs and powders; where criticism and insults is not tolerated- they are either imprisoned, killed or exile while, sycophants and praises singers are adequately welcome and rewarded. Ironically, coming to the Federal centre, he met reverse order of political sagacity – robust and complicated setting, where criticism, and insults is a serious business; and Nigerians are very difficult and almost impossible to please. He was not only confused, but, hopeless on how to handle these barrages of criticism and insults about his actions and inactions. With all the media advisers around him; the man felt insecure , that, he had to hire political rascals and so called tigers Doyin Okupe, Edwin Clark, Asari Dokubo and Bar Ahmad Gulak to assist in containing barrages of criticisms, insults and hopelessness from Nigerians both in traditional and social media. But, the tiger and loudest rascals assembled couldn’t contain the bullets of criticism from various spectrum of the Nigerian public, especially against the backdrops of cluelessness, incompetence, corruption and insecurity by the President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan led administration.

The biggest tragedy to have befallen this country under President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan administration is the wholesale surrendering of our national security and honour to international Zionist engines, in exchange for protections and second term in office. Never in the history of Nigeria, did we experience this high level of cluelessness and stupidity until this son of fisherman came into the saddle with his inferiority complex and decision to mortgaged everything to international capitalist order. Isn’t it interesting, how a pseudo group of characters called Boko Haram, metamorphosed into an international terror organization? This is not surprising, since the President has outsourced the security of his country to Israelis and United State of America defence contractors and security agents. One imagine, how a President of country like Nigeria can outsourced his powers and security to countries that don’t share in our future aspirations, nor wanted any positive development in our society? These are countries that even predicted our disintegrations by 2015; therefore, needs to create the various insecurities, to prove they are working in safeguarding our society. This is like giving meat to leopard to keep. Out of the blues Boko Haram became the biggest threat to not only Nigerian project, but, the West African sub-region. This is what to expect, when you outsourced your security to companies and other criminal gangs, especially to blood socking countries like United State of America and her cancerous baby Israel.

Interestingly, it has been six (6) years of massacre, bloodshed and bombing of limps and bodies of millions of Nigerians while the government look the other way around without sympathy or seriousness. The people of North East and other part of the northern zone have experienced blood birth, bombing, bullet wounds, internal displacement and confusion for a crime they don’t understand nor appreciate. The question in the lips of many is what is government doing? Nothing! For a government that outsourced her powers of protecting the blood, honour and properties of their citizens to foreign criminals, for personal protections and second term ambition. What can we call this level of cluelessness and stupidity from a suppose President of country? Indeed, he was the biggest tragedy and disappointment to have befall this country in the over 55 years of the nation’s history. Here lies a nation that pride itself as the giant of Africa with a gallant soldiers who were the pride of peacekeeping operations in Sierra-Leanon, Liberia, Lebanon, Congo and Somalia, but, have become a mendicant laughing stock among her peers in comity of nations. Deliberately the President and his criminal gangs in top hierarchy of our security agencies, not only refuses to supply ammunitions and weapons to our gallant soldiers, but, conspicuously trained terrorist gang among the soldiers to perpetrate heinous crime and killing of Muslims and northerners. A conspiracy that destroyed the morale of Nigerian gallant soldiers; sending fear and tribulations at the sight of danger; our gallant soldiers are on tactical manoeuvres in Cameroon and Chad. It was a tragedy for the Nigerian security formations, that, they were unable to quench an internal insurgency they did elsewhere, that, they have to be assisted by countries like Chad, Cameroon and Niger. This is the tragedy of collision force between cluelessness and incompetence, which often end is disaster. It was a disaster indeed, for a man who prides himself as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to destroy his own internal security and makes his self and country vulnerable for internal and external attacks. Looking at insurgency in the north shows a well calculated conspiracy against Muslims and northerners.

President Goodluck Jonathan permanently established killing industries around the northern region, to weaken the will and destroys the people. But, he failed to take into cognisance two interesting determiner in the region. One is that, the northern region is populated by people who are strongly connected to God and see everything that befallen them as destiny. Even though, one cannot accept such weak line of thinking and faith, but, has assisted the people to move on amidst bombing and slaughtering industries left, right and centre; and secondly, in the last 36 years God Has raised his pious servant who has changed this concept of Islam and redirected the thinking and geography of the Nigerian state for better, Shaikh Ibraheem Y. Zakzaky (H). The courage, spiritual and frankness of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) assisted in giving the people hope, directions and confidence to understand the complex world of Boko Haram and complicity of government. He unravelled and revealed their secrets and exposes their inadequacy. For the listeners and open minded, they got the message, for the gullible minded, they continue to hope on the son of a fisherman to bring succumb and changes their destiny for the better.

Inherently, the criminal gangs and their foreign consultants and merchants of death, couldn’t stomached these interesting revelations and constant exposure from the ancient city of Zaria from a voice of spirituality, love and compassion for Islam and humanity Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). They planned and concluded to assassinate him from earth. A well planned assassination package involving foreign agents with full support from the son of a fisherman and the President of Nigeria Goodluck Ebele Jonathan; unfortunately as they plan so also, Allah plans and His is the best of all planners. Various attempts and packages, but, all failed woefully including the recent one given to the Sakaren Zazzau. Even though temporarily, they celebrated the killing of three undergraduate sons of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and 31 others, but, they are still disappointed with their inability to win their precious trophy of assassinating Shaikh Zakzaky (H). Ignorantly, one thing they failed to understand and appreciate is that, life and death is in Allah’s hands and only him can end a glorious years of dedications, worship, courage,  and Islamic revival. The son of fisherman and his co-travellers have failed and they shall continue to fail insha Allah until Allah’s servant complete his manifest mission on earth.

Victoriously, the wicked and ungodly criminal gangsters met their waterloo on March 28th 2015, when Nigerians outrightly rejected them and their blood socking machine rings. It was a sweet victory for Nigerians; as everyone is so tire and fed up with criminal gangs and cluelessness in leadership. Nigerians deliver their verdicts on the 6 years administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. It was the biggest of all humiliations ever to any seating President. The manner in which the results keep coming and finally the unthinkable happened when the man finally adjudicated his seat before the finally result was announced through a phone call to President elect General Muhammadu Buhari. This is a victory to all Nigerians against criminal gangsters in leadership position. They thought power and might is everything for them, but, failed to understand and appreciate the powers of prayers and unity among belligerent masses, especially the prayers of Allah’s pious servant Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). One wonders, their ignorance or disregard to history and its lessons. The criminal gangsters could have check history and draw lessons from those in the past who attempted the pious soul of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. I though, he was part of the government of late Umar Musa Yar’adua and his attempted life of the distinguished Shaikh and how he ended; what about Abacha, and the rest, but, you know tyrants especially drunkards like President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, don’t learn lessons, therefore they become consume by it.

Now, it is obvious judgment day has begins for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, as he attempted to change the narratives and outdo what he couldn’t do in six (6) years. Now we had of Nigerians soldiers overcoming Boko Haram insurgent; entering Sambiza forest and rescuing alot of women. This is the greatest movie of all time, which i believe the script writer, director and producer should be awarded with Grammy Award for the best fiction story ever. We are seeing contractors and looted money returned to the Federation account; released of forensic audit of NNPC account after countless denial and removal of former Central Bank Governor and sacking and reappointment of various officials. Indeed, a careful examination of this confusion and hopelessness reflect the growing crisis among the President Camp and attempt by the criminal gangsters to clean their dirty track records and conspiracy against the Nigerian people and the State. My thinking is that, it is either the President is sick or the humiliation of defeats has affected his faculty of reasoning. But, a passing shouts to the son of fisherman, that, he shall account for his deeds and crimes against humanity, and he shall be humiliated in this world and the hereafter. Unfortunately for the President, he was confused and disappointed with his foreign protectors and so called friends as they watch him fall from grace to grass; but, this is not surprising from serious minded leaders, because there is no permanent friend or enemy, but, interest.

It is a painful exit for the son of fisherman and his criminal gangsters as they vacated Presidential Villa on May 29th, 2015 back to Otuoke in Bayelsa State. Painfully, the President will  understand the meaning of life after office; he will understand the strength of millions of blood they shredded and killed including the blood of pious children of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) when they come seeking for justice. He will understand and appreciate that power without responsibility, sympathy and compassion is equally to a disastrous life in retirement. He wills painful watch as all his secrets that he did everything to protect and safeguard are revealed by friends and quittances; he will see betrayals and disappointment from family members, former ministers and quittances; he shall see dissertation and emptiness in his world, that, he will wish for event to be invited without any Invitation letter, even if gotten, is to collect their share of looted funds from him. One is not only flabbergasted, but, shed some innocent tears of laughter, when son of fisherman informed us that, he shall be a peace advocate when he leaves office. Which peace? How does a peace advocate look like? Please Mr President respects yourself and just waits for Allah’s judgment.

In conclusion Mr President your judgment day begins from May 29th 2015 and you shall suffer in it until you meet your painful death, which is the beginning of painful punishment and life of condemnations. Mr President even though you have pleaded for forgiveness from Nigerians, we assure you; we have not forgotten nor forgiven your deliberate policy of mass killing and destructions. How do you expect us to forgive you, when we know all your actions were deliberately done against peaceful and responsible people. We pray for Allah’s condemnation and punishment on you and those responsible for the mass murder and mutilation of the bodies and souls of humanity illahee. Welcome to painful exit into the jungle of hopelessness and punishment Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.