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By Dr. A. Danladi
Our attention has been drawn to the scandalous and defamatory script by the TELL magazine of Monday 10/06/2013 and claimed to be written by one Anayochukwu Agbo. 
A few days later CNN carried a modified version of the same story. This was followed by the TIMES magazine yet carrying the same content. Could all this be sheer coincidence?
We are forced to believe that the content of the write-up was issued out by the security agents with the deliberate attempt at defaming the image of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and the character and person of the revered leader of the Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).
In a display of lack of professionalism in the practice of journalism, distortion of facts and concoction of blatant lies against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its revered leader, the Tell magazine, CNN and Time magazine have been  chosen to serve as tools of this evil propaganda.
It is not a gainsaying that Nigeria is faced with security, corruption and moral bankruptcy challenges among others. And for this, every right thinking person that wishes this great nation well should not only be, but also show concern in whatever way humanly possible. However, It is sad to note that while these are what ought to have occupied the minds of true patriots, some elements within the society would rather see an opportunity to misdiagnose and therefore end up coming up with what they consider as a solution that is paradoxically looking for its own problem.
Mr. Agbo or whoever might have written the article displayed ignorance of simple facts. Take for example “Hezbollah was initially formed by Iran in 2001 and has since co-ordinated terrorism around the world with Iranian sponsors”. Ask an averagely informed person, he will tell you Hezbollah was created around 1982. Can you see how the writer might is retarded for about two decades in his information? As to Hezbollah being a terror group, one wonders what Mr Agbo will call the illegal state of Israel, which is the only state created on basis of terror. How can a group of people fighting for their freedom and their dear religion be termed as terrorists? Anybody thinking of or referring to Hezbollah as terrorist group may need to re-examine the definition of terrorism.
As to the issue of Hezbollah and Iran planning to attack Israeli interests, the catches of arms displayed emphasis the shallow mind of the writer. How can rusted weapons described as “both extensive and diverse”   be found in pristine and shinning food warmers under wardrobes?  How can Hezbollah that is sophisticated enough to send spy drones in to the air space of the unlawful state of Israel scoop so low as to be carrying weapons in food flasks? If Hezbollah is planning to attack the embassy of the illegal state of Israel in Abuja, why should they decide to pile up the arms in far-away Kano? If one may ask, why should Hezbollah have interest in attacking the so called Israeli interest in Nigeria? And by the way of what significance is the so called Israeli interest? Wouldn’t it be easier and more strategic to carry out the aclaimed attack in Egypt, Jordan or other neighbouring countries?
Yet in an apparent desperation to please his imperialist masters, Mr. Agbo accused Hezbollah of coordinating terrorism around the world with Iran being the sponsor. Not surprisingly, Agbo failed to substantiate these harsh allegations beyond his unpolished fabrications. Wherever there is any act of terror, there must be a location and victims of such terror. Yet, Agbo cannot validate his allegation by at least pointing to where Hezbollah carried out the terrorist act and who the victims were or are.
Now on the attempt to link up the ‘discovered arms’ with the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the ab le leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), the write has yet succeeded in displaying his hatred for Islam and his total and absolute ignorance of what the Islamic Movement in Nigeria stands for. It has been said and will be reiterated that arms have no place and are not needed in the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Do you think the teeming followers of the Movement that make you and your remote masters prickly were gathered using arms? Belief and commitment to the universal religion of Islam and the call to change people’s way of life is what the movement stands for. The movement appeals to human faculty of reasoning to reflect and consider our mission as servants of Allah on earth and shun evils that may detract us from this noble cause. It is very true that the poor and oppressed people, whom were described as ‘impoverished’ look up to the revered leader for hope because they have been neglected, suppressed and oppressed by the wicked and corrupt Nigerian leaders that have turned public resources in to their personal accounts.
It is clear from the malicious write-up that the intention was to create sympathy for America and Israel, and to use the opportunity to promote the unpopular ideals of the pro-Israeli Nigerian government of the day that is not only anti-Islamic, but also spending the Nigerian resources in financing a phobia against Islam and Muslims.
It is also the intention of the deceptive write-up to use the opportunity to link the political opponents of Goodluck Jonathan, from northern Nigeria in particular, which has a majority Muslim population and the Islamic Movement with the Boko Haram.
It has since been revealed that the Boko Haram is not in any way different from other terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and Taliban which are all covert operations of the CIA meant for the pursuit of the greedy interest of their creators as revealed by Williams Asange on Wikkileaks and reconfirmed by Mrs Clinton, the immediate past American Secretary of State.
The unsubstantiated allegation that “Zakzaky’s opportunistic association with the Iranian regime was rewarded with substantial funds and training, both religious and military” is equally imprudent. Why must it be Iran to provide funds for Sheikh Zakzaky? Who funded the Holy Prophet of Islam that has prospered in changing the world? Who funded Sheikh Usman bn Fodio when he stood against the tyrannical regime of his time? Who funded Imam Khomeini that was able to gallantly defeat the world arrogant powers backing the Shah during the Islamic revolution in Iran that you claim to be funding Sheikh Zakzaky? For your information, the Movement is financed by the simple hand-out contributions of its members.
Yes, the Islamic Movement receives inspiration from the Islamic Republic of Iran from its successful revolution led by the late Ayatullah Ruhulla Khumaini (QS), which emancipated them from the exploitative and oppressive West and America and set them along the track of development. It is such that today Iran is a free and independent entity and a Super-power in the Middle East.
The Islamic Movement does not require any military training from the Islamic Iran as insinuated by the write ups in the mentioned media.
It is indeed unfortunate that some journalists could reduce so low as to be used by mischief makers to ignite the flame of discontent among Nigerians; it is mere display of shamelessness and an embarrassment to the respected profession.
Considering the spread and content of the malicious write up, we believe that a wide conspiracy is being hatched by the Nigerian government and their foreign masters against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. The world is waiting to see how you can have the valour to eliminate the millions of Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers and indeed the entire Muslims in Nigeria and beyond. As you sit to perpetuate your evil plans, know that Allah the Almighty is watching over your deeds and on Him we depend and we believe He is Able and Capable.
The Islamic Movement in Nigeria deserves an immediate public apology from the Tell and Time magazines and CNN for their defamatory statements against the revered leader of the Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H). Contrary to their claims, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) is a spiritual leader and not a perpetrator of a political ambition as maliciously mentioned in the write ups.
Dr. Abdullahi Danladi
Resource Forum,
Islamic Movement in Nigeria