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Genuine love for the Holy Prophet is gateway to Paradise – Sayyid Mustafa Nasidi/Pictures

By Khalid Idris Doya
“Love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad is a sign of love for Allah, and love for the Household of the Holy Prophet is a sign of love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad. No one gets closer to Allah without genuine love for His Prophet; equally proximity to the Prophet of Allah can only be guaranteed and established through love for his Infallible Progeny”.

This was the statement made by Sayyed Mustapha Lawan Nasidi during Maulud Nabiy lecture held at Shall, Tafawa Balewa Bauchi recently.

Sayyed Mustapha Nasidi further said, no work is accepted that is devoid of love for the Holy Prophet (      sawa), adding that invocation of blessing on him in every act of worship is a pre-requisite.

“The foundation of Islam as a divine and accepted religion before Allah is love for Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, demonstrate your unreserved love for the Holy Prophet and his Pure Progeny for greater reward in this world and the hereafter”, he added.

The scholar also spoke on the lofty status of Prophet Muhammad from birth, which earned the status of “Seal of the Prophets” and “Fountain of all Blessings”.

He used the occasion to refute undeserved attributes on the Prophet of Islam by enemies, as well as misconceptions on his personality by some Muslims as well.

Sayyed Mustapha Nasidi urged Muslims to always appreciate the mercy of Allah on them by sending down His Messenger as a path of salvation to humanity, by dedicating themselves to His service.

Ameer of Shall, Malam Hamza Shall, in a vote of thanks expressed gratitude for the opportunity to organize the Maulud, and also thanked the speaker for his inspiring lecture.

Evening before the night lecture, a procession was held around the town under the coalition of various religious groups as part of activities marking the birthday of the Holy prophet Muhammad (SAWA).