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General Assembly of the Ahlulbayt(AS) Condoles S. Zakzaky

assembly of ahlulbaytThe General Assembly of World Ahlulbayt condoles with Sheikh Zakzaky over the mrtrydom of his children along with 33 people.

The message reads " By praying to God, the Almighty, to accept your prayers and your worship acts during this blessed month of Ramadan, Please be informed that considering the criminal events which happened during the demonstration of the World Day of Quds in Nigeria   which  caused   the   martyrdom  of  33   persons  of   fasteners   and   anti-Zionist  followers  of  the  Holy  Ahl  ul-Bayt ( a.s. ),  including  3  sons  of  Hujjat ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Shaykh Ibrahim Zakzaki, leader of Nigerian shias and member of the General Assembly of the Ahl ul-Bayt(a.s.) World Assembly, So we would like to recommend all brothers and sisters to do initiatives, as well as issuing a declaration, for condemning this crime and to express their solidarity and empathy with this sincere leader of Nigerian shias."