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Funeral Rites of Ashura Mourners killed in Funtua/Graphical Pictures

The Funeral prayers of those killed in Funtua on 10th of Muharram 1438 (12/10/16) took place in Funtua and kafur towns on Thursday the 13th of October 2016. Nine people have been killed by the Nigerian Secutity forces who opened fire with live ammuninations on the Mourners. Severals others were injured.

Sheikh Abdulhameed bello led the funeral prayers in Funtua of the some of the martyrs. While in Kafur town Mallam Kabir Malunfashi led the funeral prayer of one of the martyrs.

The following people were gunned down by Nigerian Police on Ashura day in Funtua while commemorating Anunual Ashura Mourning:

1) Mustafa Ibrahim  2) Abu Talib  3) Idris Mai Gamji  4) Abdulkadir Sa’id,  5)Mustafa Ahmad Aqeel,  6) Muhammad Zayyanu Unguwar Fulani,  7) Zubairu Ibrahim Makera, 8) Abubakar Rigar Fulani, 9)Abubakar Haruna Dikke.

There some who sustained various degrees of injuries receiving treatments in Hospitals.

 pictures of funeral shown below:

funeral of funtua martyr by M bello

Funeral Prayers of Martrys led by Sheikh Abdulhameed Bello in Funutua on 13th of Oct 2016


Another funeral the one of the matrys took place in kafur Town led by Mallam Kabir Imam: Picture below:

funeral of funtua martyr by Mallam kabir

Mallam Kabir Imam led the funeral prayer in Kafur.


Below are pictures of the martrys (highly graphical)

funtua martyr

funtua martyr

funtua martyr

funtua martyr


Picture of ladies who are injured is shown below:

funtua martyr