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Fulani are torch bearers of Islam – Sheikh Zakzaky / Pics

kautalBy Ibrahim Usman
The Fulani Forum of the Islamic Movement (Kautal Ko e Julbe), organised Sallah festival which was concluded in Zaria on 8th of Dec. 2014, with spectacular funfair at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria.

Closing the occasion on Thursday, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky described Fulani as the torch bearers of Islam and learning in this part of the world. “Just as how Allah blessed the family of Prophet Muhammad with prophethood, which signifies the lofty status of Banu Hashim and Arabs, the Fulani were also blessed with spreading the Islamic message, and are therefore leading tribe in this part of the world’, he said.

 According to the Sheikh, the Fulani were responsible for spreading the Islamic message from the Western and Eastern part of Africa, adding that Islam came from Egypt passed through Maghrib and made a turn to Ethiopia. “Jafar Bin Abdulmuttalib together 84 people migrated to Ethiopia and later returned and met the Prophet in Madinah. As a result, the King of Ethiopia converted to Islam. Surprisingly, it stopped there. Islam was later taken to Ethiopia and Sudan by the Fulani from here. There is no doubt about this”.

Sheikh Zakzaky said, Fualni tribe are synonymous with Islamic religion, for Islam gave them superiority above other tribes, and therefore called on them to be steadfast in conduct of their affairs in line with Islamic teachings. “Your religion is your strength and superiority, therefore take it seriously”.

 He also urged them to maintain their good reputation such as respect for elders, hospitality, maintaining of relationship, and so on.

“Parents should also ensure proper discipline and moral training of their children through good examples. It is also important that you ensure proper education of children. We have Fudiyyah schools in all nooks and crannies and Fualni locations, through which can take children to higher education”, Sheikh Zakzaky added.


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