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Fudiyya Nursery and Primary Schools Hold Annual Maulid Competition in Zaria

By Muhammad Isa– The annual Maulid competition amongst Fudiyya nursery and primary school pupil was held during the morning sessions of Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th Rabiul Auwal 1433 (7-8th February, 2012) as part of the annual Unity week programmes

 organized by the Islamic Movement in commemoration of the birthday of our Noble Prophet (SAWA) in Zaria.

In attendance were the fourteen of Fudiyya schools from the 14 zones, with the leader of the Islamic movement Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) as the special guest of honor that received a colorful parade by the school pupil.

In his speech after the competitive colorful parade by the Fudiyya schools Sayyed Zakzaky (H) delivered a special encouraging speech to pupil and general public.

Though the search for knowledge is a tasking job that is met with different set of huddles, its turns out to be beneficial latter with various examples expressed by Sayyed (H) in his speech and thus advised the school pupil to study hard. He reminded the pupil that the goal for education is never to graduate and earn a living, but to search for it for the sake of Allah (SWT) and to be of help to humanity.

He also appreciated the efforts of teachers of the school who have offered their selfless services for a little token while encouraging them to double their efforts in both character they impart and learning.

Parents were also encourage to be very mindful of educating their wards, reminding them the search for education at the youthful years is the prime for a solid foundation of our children, thus all efforts should be geared towards achieving this goal.

Sayyed Zakzaky (H) also call on the general public to be helpful in contributing to the development of education, giving examples of how the public can take responsibilities in providing infrastructures and facilities for the schools, since it is evident that those at the helm of the affairs are only interested in looting the treasuries for themselves through whatever means. History will of course never forget the atrocities committed by those in the helms of affairs and prosperity will judge. Though the standard we have hoped our Fudiyyah schools will have reached expressed Sayyed (H) the task and challenges is before us and it’s hoped it will improve.

Mal Nura Azare the chairman of the Fudiyyah schools had earlier given a brief report of the Fudiyyah schools with challenges faced by the schools in terms of funding, infrastructures and facilities pointed out and efforts put in place towards improvement.

In the quiz competition, Imam Bakir (AS) zone came first with Imam Ja’afar (AS) zone second and Sayyida Zahra (AS) third. While in the parade competition, Imam Jawad (AS) zone came first, Imam Hassan Askari (AS) zone were second and Imam Musal Kazim (AS) third with various prizes given.