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FreeOurZariaGirls: Maimuna Shehu, Days To Her Wedding Ceremony.

By Asma’u Sahabi
Maimuna Shehu was born 5 June 1993, she is the first daughter to her parent, an elder sister to Fauziyya Shehu they were both kidnapped by the Nigerian Army since 12-14 December 2015,during the devilish massacre in Zaria.

A talented, young, beautiful, smart and quite which resulted to calling her Maleeka by her friends. She attended her primary school at fudiyya primary school Kaduna. Her secondary school at government girls secondary school Doka and Dec international school. A touching story in her life is how her marriage preparation came with obstacles twice by the act of two evil people,former Governor of Sokoto state Wamako and COAS Brutai.

Jamil Yakub was her husband to be, he was among those imprisoned in sokoto by tyrant WAMAKO, he was responsible for the devilish act (oppression) on the followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) in Sokoto. Jamil was prisoned for 6years and Maleeka waited for her loved one due to her pure and true love to jamil. After he was free, they reunited and their wedding preparation continues.

Unfortunately, Days to the wedding ceremony, the Nigerian Army performed the brutal killing on the IMN members which their mission was to kill the leader of IMN Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). Maleeka was among the victims reportedly kidnapped by the Nigerian Army at the scene, she is no where to be found so also her sister Fauziyya since 12-14 -2015.

Her Parents, her Jamil and also her loved ones wants to know her fate and condition.