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It has come to our notice that the health of our revered leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub Zakzaky has further deteriorated due to the worsening condition of where he is being detained in Kaduna. 

Even though last month a Kaduna High court has entrusted him into the hands of Department of State Services (DSS), in whose hand he has been in detention since December, 2015, the security organ has chosen to further aggravate his detention condition.

This is a clear indication that there is a sinister motive behind this draconian action against our Leader. Considering that our ordeal started from Kaduna state under the administration of Elrufai it is not far fetch to guess who are behind the current attempt to further inflict harm on our illegally detained leader. Their motive is not different from the one they hoped to achieve in December, 2015 but Allah in his infinite mercy stopped them in their tracks by sparing the life of our Leader Sheikh Zakzaky. They want to achieve their aim by proxy, what they couldn’t during the military onslaught in Zaria, but insha Allah, Allah will continue to protect his righteous servant, our Leader Sheikh Zakzaky.

As we come out today en-mass to protest the continued detention of our leader, we will like to draw the attention of the general public that, whatever harm befall our Leader, then Buhari, Elrufai and co will definitely be held responsible. A competent federal high court has released our Leader but the federal government contemptuously refused to obey that court order, giving room to the Kaduna state government to now come up with spurious charges against our leader, just to serve as an alibi for his continued detention. We know they are fulfilling the dreams of their paymasters in Riyadh and Tel Aviv, but we will not rest on our oars till justice is done to the monumental injustice meted to our Leader, Sheikh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

Early this week, we received the good news that the Baharaini regime allowed Sheikh Isa Qassem, the leader of the Shias in that country, to travel to London for medical treatment after subjecting him to inhuman detention of over two years. This has served as an inspiration to us, hoping that the Buhari regime will follow suit and at least release our Leader on medical grounds, knowing fully well that he still nurse gunshot wounds, he is fast losing his right eye having lost the left one, among the myriad health problems bedeviling him in detention.

We are aware of attempts by the security operatives to turn our peaceful protest to a violent one by attacking us unconstitutionally. We will therefore like to assure the public that our forty year history speaks for us, we are always the victims of forceful aggression. We however wish to caution our oppressors to abide by the constitutional demands of allowing peaceful assembly and protest of citizens wherever and whenever. We have never killed, maimed nor destroyed anybody’s property, and we will not start it now. All that we are saying and will keep on saying is FREE OUR LEADER SHEIKH ZAKZAKY.