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Fortieth day Supplication of Qudus Martyrs marked in Jos / Pics

 jos prayerBy Muhammad Mahdi Garba
Members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria under the guidance of his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in jos joined other Muslims around the globe to commemorate the 40th day prayer of 34 pro-Palestinians protesters killed during the international Qudus day  by the Nigerian Army in Zaria.

 The event which took place at the Islamic center (Markaz) Anguwan rogo, Bauchi road Jos started early in the morning of Wednesday 8th Zulkida,1435 (3-09-2014). Myriads of people consist of Members, Sympathizers and well-wishers of the movement assembled at the venue with their supplication books such as as-Sahifa Sajjadiyya, Mafatihul Jinan, Munajat etc.

 A to Z recitation of the holy Qur’an was the first agenda, as recitations of  Du’a jaushanul kabir and Du’a tawwasul follow next. Due to the wideness of Du’a Jaushunul kabir, it was recited randomly by Mallam Abu-Bakr designer, Mallam Shehu laranto, Mallam Auwal Bashir, Mallam Abu-Bakr Dattijo and Mallam Abu-Bakr  Makki. The Du’a Tawwasul was recited by Mallam Muhammad Idris.

 At the end of the supplication, the disciples of sheikh Zakzaky seek protection from Allah for the leader. Before the crowd dispersed, they also pray for Allah to take vengeance over the murderer of Sheikh Zakzaky’s sons and for the tailspin end of Lieutenant Colonel S.O Okuh.

Closing prayers by Mallam Abu-Bakr Designer mark the end of the event.

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