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Former Zamfara Gov, Haj Bilkisu, Saulawa Condole S. Zakzaky + Pictures

saulawaK. Isah
The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky received more visitors to condole him . Aon 31 of July 2014. mong them was Hajiya Bilkisu mni, a veteran journalist, who visited the Sheikh

and condoled him as she shed tears.  Also, the the managing Director of Nagarta Radio Alhaji Lawal yusuf Saulawa, accompanied by some newsmen,  paid condolence visit to the sheikh.

The former Governor of Zamfara state Alhaji Umaru Shinkafi, together with his entourage, also paid condolence visit to Shekh Zakzaky and prayed for souls of the deceased. He commanded the leardership quality of Sheikh Zakzaky who remained calm during a harsh time like this.

Earlier on, Islamiyyah School Teachers in Zaria also paid the condolence visit to Sheikh and offered prayers. In the same vain, Sheikh Bashir Sani Fagge and his disciples paid condolence visit to the Sheikh from Kano to sympathise with him. Many people visited the Sheikh to register their condolences.

In all the cases,  Sheikh Zakzaky expressed appreciation and gave some comments on the issue of sacrifice with regard to sacrifice on the Path of Allah.  Speakiing on the calamities, he said the calamities of  of the Prophets(AS) and Ahlulbayt (AS) are the greatest. He mentioned that the calamities of Abi Abdullahil Husain(AS), which represents calamaties of Ahlulbayt(AS) in general,  is the highest of all. ‘The Calamites of Imam Husain is the highest as he sacrificed everything, all his children and loved ones were klled before hs eyes." 

He further said that Prophet Ibraheem (AS) was tested when he was commanded to  slaughter his son Ismail, which he actually did but when he opened his eyes he saw that it was a ramp instead.

He described that  all calamities faced in the Movement are lesser ones comapred with the calamities faced by the Prophets and Ahlulbayt(AS), addng that it is by going through these calamates  the religon is revived and people would become more attach to their Sacred Course, through them. It s the promise of God that his servants will be tested.

He explained that Religon cannot be revived without sacrifice and as such one must be ready to sacrifice his life and that of his family. It is a thing of pride that  " we the insignificants are also tested’ and all this are signs that we are on the right track.