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For Passport? YES! Anything For Sheikh Zakzaky

By Muh’d M. Ndanusa
I don’t have time to waste on an imbecile that lacks character, at the same time brazen. Why waste precious time on someone that cannot control himself in situations that require that? If you doubt me, go near El-Rufa’i and call him a halfling, lilliputian, or dwarf. Funny enough, he is, it is a fact; only that the Kaduna Halfling easily loses control of his temper. Don’t mind the former governor (in advance).

For the record, the leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has lost his international passport among other valuables in December 2015.

His residence was barricaded and attacked by the Nigerian Army, a tragedy that led to the massacre of over 1,000 followers of the revered Sheikh.

From what happened during the attack, it has been proven that the primary objective was to eliminate the Sheikh. A reason why his house and neighboring houses were set ablaze by the military.

At the time the military assailants realized that the Sheikh was alive, but in a very critical condition with life-threatening gunshots, they took him alongside his wife to a military barrack, hoping that he would eventually die.

They kept the Sheikh and his wife without medical attention despite knowing that their condition was a very dangerous one that can easily result in death. The conclusion is that they prefer him dead.

The Sheikh spent over 7 years with bullets buried in his body, he has been battling deteriorating health issues that can only be treated by specialists outside the country, yet they kept him in PRISON all these years. What for?

The Sheikh was acquitted and discharged by a court in Kaduna. There was jubilation all over the country and around the world. People’s hope rekindled, that the ailing Sheikh would travel out for proper medical attention.

Lest we forget, the Sheikh lost his international passport in his house that was burnt by the military. He needs that document to legally travel out of Nigeria. What next? He followed all procedures to apply for a new passport like all citizens do when their passports expired, are lost, or are damaged.

Just because it is Sheikh Zakzaky, and a dimwitted president wants him dead by all means. He (President Buhari) ordered the Nigeria Immigration Service to block and deny him a new passport.

For clarification’s sake, don’t be fooled, please. Whenever you see anyone protesting on the streets, on social media, or in conventional media for the immediate release of Sheikh Zakzaky’s passport, know that it is a struggle to SAVE the Sheikh’s life. And for that, thousands are ready and willing to lay their lives on the line. ANYTHING FOR SHEIKH ZAKZAKY.

17th March 2023