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Foiled assassination attempt: Sheikh Zakzaky gives more detail

By Ibrahim Usman
Following the recent foiled attempt at Sheikh Zakzaky’s life at his Gyellesu residence, the Sheikh gave further insight into the episode at the end of the Nahjul Balagaha studies at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria on Monday (16th June, 2014). Excerpts:

“This is further detail of what I have said on the Hurras Parade Day. I could remember I have said it during the previous Nahjul Balagha lesson in the month of Rabi’us Thani. There was a time on Saturday, a group of security operatives visited the areas where I reside for an operation, and it failed.

This time around it was Friday, when we celebrated the Nisfu Sha’aban Maulud. They laid siege on the way with the intent of making an ambush, Allah thwarted their plan. They came back (to Gyellesu Area) at arround an hour after midnight in six vehicles through three different routes, thereby surrounded the house from all angle. There was also provision for reinforcement, expected later during the course of the planned operation.

We had witnessed strange happenings on Wednesday at the barracks; people were barred from the barrack and from knowing what was going on. People were barred on the pretext that some outside soldiers were visiting the barrack. For a soldier, from anywhere, to visit a barrack is not a secret affair. They did so to cover the soldiers’ skin identity, for they were Whites.

They also had to cover their identity when they came (to Gyellesu Area); they wore masks (Niqab), replica of the mask of the Klu Klux Klan. Only the balls of their eyes were shown. They also wore gloves to further cover their colour identity. Names of some them were brought to me, but I insisted on having all their names. One should know his enemy.

Again, like in the previous plan, Allah thwarted and frustrated their plan. These people are desperate and unrelenting. Incidentally, I told you on that Friday that we had intelligence that some Americans were coming for an operation. Prior, it used to be their direct and exclusive plan, but this time around they informed the President (Goodluck Jonathan) and the Vice President (Namadi Sambo). The plan was that before the holy month of Ramadan or during the month, they would eliminate Zakzaky.

As I was telling you of the plan, they were already waiting along the way where they laid siege. Allah in His infinite mercy sent down a heavy downpour. The heavy rain beat down the White American soldiers; they had to retreat without actualizing their plan. They cut down supply of light to the area for two days and two nights, from the day of the event to the next day.

After this episode, they brought helicopters at the College of Aviation, Zaria, may be to make another attempt. This is their own cup of tea! This is our message to you; do your worst and do not relent. Execute the worst kind of your plan. Allah is more powerful than you. When we say, there is the Government of Mahdi, they think it is a joke. They make a mockery of the issue by asking about his army and location of his barrack.

When they planned to kill Imam Khomeini, their plane crashed into Tabas desert, full of heavy snow. Imam was quoted to have said: “It is about time you know Allah exists and has a government. Who destroyed you in the wilderness? Who sent to you heavy wind and dust?” At that time it was winter with heavy snow, yet a heavy gust of dust came from nowhere and destroyed them.

If we now say, Allah has a government, and they ask where it is, we will also ask them: Who or what sent you packing whenever you come to Gyellesu? In a high state of panic, one of their drivers drove the car extremely fast in a reverse; he was heard saying that they were there to protect Malam, and not to fight. From which Satan are you protecting us? Satan came in the middle of the night with his protruding horns, claiming to protect you from someone! What an irony! Life and death are in the hands of Allah.

Who sent you packing, what made you retreat? This is telling you that, there is Allah, Who controls everything and not you! On our part, we rely on Allah, it is up to you to do whatever you intended. The fools here siphoning the people’s wealth should know that, the joy of this world is but a blink of an eye, so short a life. Consequence of their action awaits them in the hereafter".

Note: The speech was in Hausa and this is the english translated by Ibrahim Usman