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Final statement of Intl Congress on Extremism and Takfiri Threats Released / List of Top Scholars

Source: ABNA
According to Ahlul Bayt news agency the “International Congress on Extremism and Takfiri Movements in View of Muslim Scholars” wrapped up on Sunday November 24 by issuing the closing statement.

The full text of the closing statement which was recited by Shaikh Nabil Na’im, of sunni scholars of Egypt, is as follows:

یا ایها الذین امنو ادخلوا فی السلم کافه ولا تتبعوا خطوات الشیطان انه لکم عدو مبین
O you who have attained to faith! Surrender yourselves wholly unto God, and follow not Satan’s footsteps, for, verily, he is your open foe (2:208 Al-Baqara (The Cow)

In the current situation of the world that the Islamic nation must find its rightful place in the international arena, unfortunately the Islamic world is in one of the most difficult periods and bitterest of its time.

Takfiri and extremist movements and their actions, have thereby distorted Islam’s face, divided Muslims, deviated the attention on the main issues in the Muslim world, and strengthened the enemy, continuity of domination, plundering of wealth and resources of Muslim countries and Muslims. And they have considered blood, property and land of the Muslims and innocent legitimately their own; with total violence and cruelty, they sacrifice them for their own deviant ideas and atrocities.

In such circumstances, with the belief in the universality of Islam as a universal, eternal and civilization-creating mission, the duty of the great scholars of religion requires the disclosure of the nature of the movement and explanation of their deviations, and also the introduction of pure Islamic teachings and doctrines to the world and playing their due role in dealing with the innovations and their devastating consequences, as Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) puts: “when deviants arise the scholars should enlighten people otherwise God will punish them”.

Therefore the “International Congress on Extremism and Takfiri Movements in View of Muslim Scholars” was held in Qom on November 23-24 with the invitation of two Grand jurisprudents of Seminary School of Qom and presence of hundreds of scholars and thinkers from over 80 countries to disclose and condemn the extremist and Takfiri movements. The resolutions of the congress are as follows:

1. Islam is a religion of peace, brotherhood, goodness and kindness, as The Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) declared the aim of his prophetic mission to be the completion of moralities, the secret to the spread of Islam and tendency to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as Holy Quran says, is compassion and kindness: So by mercy from Allah, [O Muhammad], you were lenient with them. And if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you. (3:159 Al-i-Imran)
Therefore all the Muslims especially Ulema and elite should resort to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his household, and the religious scholars should face not only the Muslims but also the followers of other religions peacefully and kindly and confront every violence from any religion.  
2.     In confrontation with the opposite thoughts, the holy religion of Islam has recommended us to the triple principles of wisdom, good advice and argument. So any offence towards the sanctities of other religions is forbidden and all Muslims should be aware of it and behave the followers of other religions with tolerance up until they have not committed anything wrong against Islam and Muslims.
3.     According to the Islamic teachings, every Muslim who recites Shahada (declaration of faith) should be welcomed and his blood, wealth and dignity are respected and we cannot expel the person who has declared his Islamic faith out of Islam.
4.      As infidelity is just denial of God, Prophet, the other world and god’s revelations, the act of Takfir ( knowing the other Muslims as infidels) done by some deviant persons under smallest excuses is condemned. And it is Ulema’s duty to confront these persons as they create division in Islamic Ummah.
5.     The spread of Takfir in the Islamic world is a sedition which has been hated by most of Muslims during the history. So following the Prophet’s recommendation, all Muslims should confront Takfir as it endangers the interests and sanctities of Islamic Ummah.   
6.     As the blood, wealth and dignity of any person who performs prayer (Ahlul  Qibla) are respected, violating and killing any Muslim is an unforgivable sin and deserve God’s wrath.

Many scholars and thinkers from over eighty countries participated in the congress to explain the nature, dangers and the strategies to tackle the problem of Takfir.

The names of some of the most important figures who participated in the congress are as follows:

Some senior Shia cleric from Iran attended the conference such as “Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi”, “Grand Ayatollah Sobhani”, Ayatollahs “Mohammadi Golpayegani” Head of Bureau of the Supreme Leader, “Mohammad Yazdi” Secretary of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom, “Ebrahim Amini” Former vice president ofthe Assembly of Experts, “Mohammad Ali Taskhiri”, “Mohsen Ghomi” and “Ali Akbar Velayati” of officers and consultants of the International Office of the Supreme Leader, “Akhtari” general secretary of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly, “Ahmad Janati” Secretary of the Guardian Council,"Ray Shahri" President of Dar alhadith, "A’rafi" President of the Islamic Propagation Office, "Araki" World assembly for Proximity of Islamic Schools General Secretary, "Saidi" trustee of Imam Reza holy shrine (PBUH), "Hosseini Bushehr," the director of seminaries, "Jamshidi" the director of seminaries of women, "Ghazi Asgar" supreme leader’s representative of the Hajj pilgrimage, "Molavi Abdulhamid" Sunni Friday Prayer Leader of Zahedan, “Molavi Abdol Rahman Molazei Sarbazi” Sunni Friday Prayer Leader of Chabahar, "Mohammad Salar" Deputy international of World Assembly of Ahlul Bayt (AS), “Mohammad Hadi Yousefi Gharavi”, Alavi Boroojerdi”, “Hasan Mamdoohi”, “Ahmad Beheshti” and “Saeid Javadi Amoli” of teachers of Qom Seminary Schools .

Also at this congress great figures such as Gheis Tisir Zibian Chairman at Islamic Sharia magazine from Jordan, “Sheikh Jafar Gonzales” from Spain, “Ayatollah Salehi”, “Ayatollah Hojjat” and “Hoseini Mazari” from Afghanistan. "Muhammad Sadiq Muhammad Yusof" the mufti of Uzbekistan, "Sheikh Abdul-Razaq Qassoum" from Algeria, "Aref uddin Ahmad and abdul-Qadir Gising" from Indonesia, "Abbas Dipalma" from Italy, "Allah Shakour Pashazadeh" from Azerbayjan and "Feisal Merhal" from Argentina, “Abdol Alim Musa” the Friday Prayer Leader of Washington, “Mohammad Al’asi” Friday Prayer Leader of New York, “Sadegh Osmani” from Brazil, “Doctor E. K. Badr Aldeji” Supreme Court lawyer from Bangladesh, “Madhath Chelich” President of the Dervishes from Bosnia, “Allameh Raje Naser Abbas Jafari” Secretary General of the unity assembly of Pakistan, “Mohi Aldin Kabiri” from Tajikistan attended the conference.

"Isa Gounesh" from Germany, "abdul-Ali Mousa" from Washington, "Jafar al-Alavi" from Bahrain, "Sheikh Muhammad al-Maqrebi" from Brazil, "abdul-Hay Bakali" from Belgium, Dr Ey Ki Badr al-Jey and other great scholars such as Hassan Bidez the assistand director of prosperity party from Turkey, Hassan Karalout the head of Jafari scholars from Turkey, Sheikh abdul-Qahir Qaha the university professor from Tunisia, Shahabuddin Karimov from Russia, Dr Toumita and Dr Shimamet from Japan, Ahmad Labi from Sri lanka, Haj Hashim Ali al-Seraj from Sudan have also attended at this congress.

“Molavi Khojandi” from Turkmenistan,  “Sheykh Ya Saleh” from Tanzania,  “Mohammad Tasaport” from Thailand, “Sheykh Nabil Alhalbavi”, “Mohammad Sharif Saraf” from Syria, “Abdol Ghader Sheykh Mohammad” from Somalia, “Mohammad Yousef Espahich” Grand Mufti from Serbia, “Ibrahim Al Jafari” Foreign Minister, “Sheykh Mahdi Al Samida’I” Sunni Mufti of Iraq, “Foad al Meghdadi”, “Seyed Saleh Alheydari”, “Sheykh Mohi Al Din Baha Al Din”, “Sheykh Mohammad Taghi Mola”, “Khaled al Mala” from Iraq, “Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim” from Palestine, “Sheykh Belal Said Shaban” “Ebrahim Al Seyed” from Lebanon, “Tajodin Al Helali” “Sheykh Abol Azaem” “Dr. Ali Abolkheir”, “Nabil Na’im” from Egypt, “Mohamad Turi”, “Sheykh Noor” from Nigeria, “Sheykh Ibrahim Alvazir”, “Seyed Alad Almajid Alhuthi” from Yemen  have also attended the conference.

The congress was held under supervision of “Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi” and “Grand Ayatollah Sobhani Tabrizi” in association with “Ahlul Bayt World Assembly”, “World Forum of Proximity of Islamic Thought”, “Management of seminaries”, “Daralalam Institute” (studies of Wahhabism) and “Almostafa International University” on November 23 and 24 at “International conference hall of the Prophet (PBUH)” located at “Cultural Complex and Seminary School of Imam Kadhim (A) in Qom, Iran.