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False Flag Terror: Scramble II for African Resources

By Dauda Dalado
Wikipedia describes false flag as a covert military or paramilitary operation designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups or nations other than those who actually planned and execute them.

 In its modern usage the term may also refer to those events which Governments are cognizant of and able to stop but chose to allow to happen or ‘stand down’ as a strategy to entangle or prepare the nation for war or violence or mayhem. The violence/carnage is carried out by groups or organizations which whether they know it or not are being supported or controlled by the ‘victim nation’.

Concrete evidence and historical facts establish the proof of involvement of United States together with its vassal European countries in state sponsored covert operations. For the avoidance of doubt, one may refer to operation Northwoods in which USA used false flag terror to pin down communist Government in Cuba. Operation Gladio was used in Europe for similar purpose. The aim, in addition to pinning down communism, also deactivated left wing politicians in the Americas and Europe. Hillary Clinton affirmed that they formed al-Qaeda. Some confused minds in our midst think that the issue of involvement of these foreign powers in the fabricated terror in Nigeria, all in the name of Islam, is a mere conspiracy theory. Those stark historical expositions mentioned above and many others serve to dismiss this erratic view.

With the inevitable collapse of communism and the surprised rise of a highly prosperous Islamic power bloc which sprouted in Iran, false flag operations are now carried out in the name of Islam. Thus subsequent set up terror operations (like WTC 93, WTC 9/11, London 7/7, Moscow tragedy and a lot of others), planned and executed by World hegemonic powers were falsely blamed on ‘Islamists’ or ‘jihadists’. They employ all cruel methods of aggression: Military invasion, intervention, bombings, ruthless massacre of innocent souls, political assassinations, coups and counter-coups, media control and manipulations, cultural adulterations, sectarianism, tribalism and any other means at their disposal.

 Impending collapse of Capitalism Current socio economic trends more especially in Europe precisely indicate disaster for the capitalist order. This order used to be falsely cherished as vanguard of freedom, democracy, liberalism, equity, justice and human right. It is crystal clear now that it has bequeathed nothing to the World but chaos, aggression, abuse of humanity, tyranny, fascism, subjugations, militarism, injustice, Zionism, political dominations and hopelessness. The crash of this order is certainly imminent.

Of course there is a general optimism on the rise of Asian economy more especially the Chinese. The Chinese are a little bit considerate in their trade relationship with other weaker nations as against the colonial arrogance that wholly usurps what belongs to others.

However, China’s drift towards Western imperialist fold coupled with machinations from the United States and its allies makes its economic rise blunt. To this end one can easily recall NATO’s carpet bombing of Libya, which jeopardized the huge Chinese investments there. China also lost heavily due to the planned balkanization of the Sudan through the creation of southern Sudan. All these help to reassert that the only viable challenge to the Global arrogance under the leadership of the great Satan, USA, controlled by Zionist cankerworms, is the rising Islamic power.

Africa is resourceful

Allah (SWT) in His infinite wisdom has blessed Middle East and Africa with abundant resources. It has been estimated that Africa possesses two-thirds of World resources. Some of these resources were usurped in the first scramble for Africa through colonialism. Colonial masters made sure that these impoverished countries remain without true independence. They imposed their stooges on people. While classifying the oppressed countries as third World, the first World thrived as a parasite but covered it under false garb. This falsity is now exposed.

Instead of them to learn from posterity and do what is right, they thought of going back to the old game but in different style. This time it is false flag operation under the guise of Islam. They wasted no time. Devil has given them the nod. They destroyed Somalia in order to have access to its aquatic resources. France spearheaded the demonization of Muslims in the Central African Republic through a false flag coup d’état blamed on Muslims. This paved way for the unabated genocide of Muslims in that place up to today. They masterminded the separation of Southern Sudan to have selfish access to their petroleum resources.  They destroyed Libya on similar grounds.

Already Congo had been a battle ground because of the rich Gold resources. They instigated what they called ‘the Azbins’ in Niger.

They instituted pseudo islamists in Mali under the pen name Ansaruddeen. They are desperate to explore the huge gold in Mali since they are aware of the famous gold reserves left by the former Emperor Mansa Musa. They fabricated Boko Haram in Nigeria to have undeniable and almost free access to our Platinum, Gold, Uranium and Petroleum resources lying down from Borno trough to Sokoto across to the Zamfara plains all in Northern Nigeria.

The dilemma of World arrogance in Nigeria

Nigeria proved to be so resilient to all attempts at its balkanization. The Boko Haram started since 2009. Up to now signs of failure of the pogram loom clearly in the horizon. World Foreign powers had been desperate for intervention in Nigeria. They stage managed the supposed abduction of Chibok girls and before you know it they have arrived. Jonathan is in a better position to tell Nigerians in which barrack these girls are being hidden.

One of their dilemmas in Nigeria is that the vast resources mentioned earlier lie in majority Muslim populated areas. Another, which is most crucial, is the presence of a well rticulated, consistent and organized Islamic Movement under the Divine leadership of his Eminence, a true son of Imam Khumeini (QS) and the real inheritor of the legacy of Shehu Fodio (TR), Sheikh Ibraheem Ya’qoub El-Zakzaky (H).

No wonder, the first and foremost agenda of Americans and Zionists on arrival is the elimination of Sheikh El-Zakzaky and not the rescue of Chibok girls! Unfortunately jonathan/Sambo rot has approved such barbarism. This irresponsibility can never be found elsewhere on the Earth. Somebody entrusted with the blood, wealth and dignity of citizens gave a nod to a foreigner to assassinate an outstanding cleric who commands unflinching loyalty from useful and responsible members of the Nigerian society cut across. We may not be unaware about a very recent attempt by USA special Military squad who masked themselves in Klu Klux Klan dress (with niqab-like cloth covering all the face except the eyes only) plus socks, all in order to hide their identity. They attempted to ambush Sheikh Zakzaky and his entourage as they moved from Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah Sokoto road to Gyallesu quarters. God thwarted their effort through heavy downpour and they had to withdraw. After midnight, they still went to gyallesu in six Hilux vehicles to lay siege from different directions on the Sheikh’s residence. Allah made their attempt to naught. Some national dailies carried the news of the attempted assassination but up to now Government did not refute the story.

American coming to Nigeria is not and will never be in the interest of Nigerians. They have permanent selfish interest only. They hope to destabilize the Nation by 2015, which they did not hide. Hence there are a lot of uncertainties. They have options to cause mayhem. They may continue to impose silly drunkards, change guards or even opt for a military coup to plant their errand dictator. They plan evil but always forget our Sublime Creator. “Thus they plotted a plan and WE too plotted a plan which they did not perceive”[Quran: 27: 50]. Oh Allah! Thwart all their evil plans back on them. Set them against each other. Make us steadfast.


The World arrogance under the control of America and Zionists has instituted false flag terror in the name of Islam to scramble once again for African resources. In Nigeria they fabricated Boko Haram. Nigerian Government is complicit in the program. The carnage is being supported by the victim nation.  It stands down so as to prepare the nation for violence or mayhem. This would give way to the foreign powers free access to our resources. They would use their stooges and then dump them. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky (H) is the stumbling block towards the attainment of this sinister motive. All indicators point to the woeful failure of this false flag program and the subsequent successful establishment of a Khomeini type Islamic State in Nigeria. This, with its multiplier effect, would influence Africa as a whole, God willing.