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Exhibit high restraint and decency in response to Ashura inquiries on social media, Shaikh Turi urged Muslims

Nasir Isa Ali
Shaikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi has called on those using social media as means of communication to exhibit high level restraint and decency when responding to enquiries on Ashura.He made the statement at the on-going Ashura mourning at the Fagge Juma’at mosque, Kano.

The scholar who was specifically referring Muslims of the Islamic Movement using the Facebook said, “Even if the inquiries are inciting and infuriating, give respond with utmost restraint and decency for the benefit of those following the comments. That way, you will be doing good service to Imam Husain.”

He explained that some people are being sponsored by Saudi Arabia, contracted with petro-dollars to cause to cause division among Muslims, adding that such people use different accounts bearing ‘Shi’a’ and ‘Sunnah’ tags and profiles using it interchangeable in causing disharmony and disaffection.

According to him, such people post abuses on the Facebook in the name of Shi’a in order to paint its adherents black, thereby disseminating Shia phobia in the society. “Just give satisfactory answer, do not consider their dual hypocrisy. Yours is to seek Allah’s pleasure; theirs to for worldly gains and cause disharmony”, he added.

Shaikh Turi also said, Muslim Brothers and Sisters should extract proofs from Sunnah sources, as the best and satisfactory answer to such enquiries rather than indulging in unnecessary blackmail and campaigns of calumny. “Exhibit highly level intelligence and foresight while responding to mischievous inquiries, that way you will be of service to Imam Husain and his family”, he said.

He quoted a Shi’a a scholar who proclaimed that were all Shi’a books to be burnt, the adherents can adequately respond to any inquiry on Ashura using simple reasoning.

He pointed out that some mischievously post pictures of other people letting their blood while commemorating Ashura saying, “When you are confronted with that, tell them that on our part we donate our blood to those in dire need in hospitals who are in emergency cases. Tell them also that our pious scholars and leaders such as Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, have sanctioned this act, therefore it is not our ideology.”

Shaikh Turi therefore called on Brothers and Sisters to donate blood to save those on emergency cases, describing the effort as service to Imam Husain and humanity.

He also appealed to Brothers to take proper care of their families by meeting their social needs, and treating them with kindness and in trust.

He cited how Imam Husain treated his family in kindness in the plain of Karbala, and how his family disseminated the Ashura message through history by the courageous effort of Sayyidah Zainaba (AS), who instituted the Ashura mourning.

Shaikh Turi also cited the cordial relationship between Allam Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky and his family, and the effort of his family in the dissemination of his call. “All these are conducts worthy of emulation by us”, he concluded.