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Enemies cannot crush Islamic Movement

By Saminu Sani
It is 
with great pleasure for me to start my story with the words of Mal Nuradden Ahmad Azare, the coordinator of Fudiya Islamic schools of Islamic movement in Nigeria in my latest interview with him, which he

described Islamic Movement in Nigeria as the building which Almighty Allah SWT is protecting and  human effort cannot destroy; failing to understand that Islamic Movement under the leadership of Sayyid Ibrahim Zakzaky is not the work of Almighty Allah SWT, may be is due to the limitation of human thinking. In fact those who attempted to fight with it in the past could easily testified more especially the past Nigerian leaders for instance former Military dictator Late Gen. Sani Abacha who thought it could be easy for him to assassinate Sayyid Zakzaky and clamp down on the Islamic movement found it difficult at last he end up being regretting in his grave.

The Islamic movement in Nigeria under the revered leadership of Sayyid Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) was established before the successful Islamic revolution in Iran 1979, meanwhile Sayyid Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) was by then a student at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. The movement moved through several steps, while receiving new members at the same time working toward activating their moral behavior and religious fundamental knowledge. The most considerable activities of the movement included, Ta’alim (instill knowledge), Ijtima, Daurah and Mu’utamar.

 The weekly Friday preaching is a vital activity of the Islamic movement; members gather in different locations of the country with Muslim Ummah, it is widely known as Pre-Khuduba’. The Pre-Khuduba preaching focuses on current and issues related to Islamic world and Muslims in general. In some locations, where the Friday preaching can’t be done before the congregational prayer, it will be postpone to after the prayers, before everybody left.

 Additional important scheduled programmes of the Islamic movement is the commemoration of annual ceremonies or mourning of the holy Prophet (S) and his household (AS), and also the events of great and other Islamic icons, in other to learn from their lifestyle. Every city sometimes organizes its commemoration gathering, while it is mostly organize in Zaria. Amongst the celebration days includes: 17 Rabi’ul Awwal (The birthday of the holy Prophet (S), 15th Sha’aban (Birthday of Imam Mahdi (AS)), and the birthdays of other A’imma, and noble men. While the mourning days are; day of the death of the holy Prophet (S), martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS), and other important mourning days.

 Processions or demonstrations are also among the important activities of the movement. It is a way of spreading the message of the movement to people. The procession is not done just like that but with reasons and objectives. Quds day demonstration is annually organized in solidarity to the oppressed people of Palestine. It is performed nationwide, it is a peaceful procession, but sometimes there is probability of attack by the government forces.

Right from his student days at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in the late 70’s, revered Sheikh Ibraheem Ya’qoub Al Zakzaky (H) has faced an unjustified political arrest, Sayyid Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky, Islamic scholar and activist, is the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. He attended the famous School for Arabic Studies (SAS), Kano and the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, where he graduated with a first class degree in Economics in 1979.

Since then, he has been engaged in learning, teaching and Islamic activism. Due to his Islamic activism, he was jailed severally by all successive Nigerian regimes from Olusegun Obasanjo to that of late Sani Abacha/Abdulsalami Abubakar regime.

Threats and attempts of assassination he had to suffer and still suffers from all these in an effort to fulfill his vision and obligation as a servant of Allah SWT on the Earth. God ordained that he leads the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. In fact the revered Sheikh never thought of ‘leading’ any group of people.

Prophets and Messengers were appointed by Allah (T). God knows all things. HE makes the best of selections. After the seal of the Prophets, there was none and there will never be another Prophet. However, there are (mujaddeeds) Reformers who lead revolutionary movements. This category is also appointed by Allah (T). It is not a matter of election, nomination or consultation. Many people find it difficult to understand this rather simple concept.

So followership of the mujaddeed implies due recognition of the Divine appointment. The Prophets exhibit high sense of responsibility, humility and all what it takes to be a perfect model. The mujaddeeds also excel in virtues in their times. They follow the footsteps of the Prophets, they experience similar ordeals, and also were blessed with unparalleled qualities of leadership. In this country, we had mujaddeed Shehu Usman Danfodio (may his blessed soul rest in perfect peace) who insisted “Babu Sarki sai Allah” (No King except God). In those days the authority lied with the Sarki (king).  The Islamic State was successively established.

Similarly, Sayyid  Zakzaky (H) boldly proclaimed that ”Babu hukuma sai ta Allah” (there is no authority except that of Allah). No doubt, this method is congruent with that of the Shehu. It is identical to that of Imam Khumaini (QS) which succeeded in Iran. All tally with the Sunnah of the Prophet . Sayyid (H) is bestowed with knowledge and hikmah (wisdom); taqwa (humility; being conscious of Allah’s presence and fearing Him at all times) and courage; ‘Adl (justice) and Rahmah (compassion); decisiveness and resoluteness; eloquence and articulation; sabr (patience) and self-sacrifice.

As earlier pointed, the agents of deceit and destruction perceive the killing of Zakzaky as part of the measure to sustain their unhindered control of our resources. Thus they always plot evil ways but to no avail. It may be useful, at this juncture to examine some of the recent futile attempts to kill Sayyid In 2009, the ‘Yar’adua Administration ordered that Gyallesu, where the residence of the Sayyid is, to be bombed, not minding any consequence. Allah, the Mighty, protected Sayyid (H). After that “Yar’adua ‘ya murmure’ (has gone forever).

Close to this development was another attempt where the Zionist bully boy at the helms of the Kaduna Police command then, Tambari Yabo, was contracted to kill Sayyid Zakzaky (H). He initiated the move by sending not only an unintelligent but foolish report to the IG thus: “Government should take drastic action with a view to dislodging his (Zakzaky) training centre at Dambo and Fadiyya Islamic Centre, in Zaria-city, please”. Note how he messed up spellings! Even a primary pupil knows how to write Fudiyya correctly.Sayyid said in one of his speech at Hussainiyya Baqiyatullhi at Zaria.

Again, amidst the Boko Haram Drama, a company that specializes in killing people worldwide was contracted to assassinate Sayyid Zakzaky (H). Patrick Williams, a Briton who resides in the United States manages the killer squad Company. Sayyid has never imagined himself as leader of a group, but as servant of Allah. He further elaborated:  “Killing me is not killing Islam, and will never stop it from flourishing. Even if you kill me, Allah, Who created me, will raise someone like me. You cannot kill me until my time has come as decreed by Allah.  Quran, 3.145: ”And a soul will not die but with the permission of Allah the term is fixed; and whoever desires the reward of this world, I shall give him of it, and whoever desires the reward of the hereafter I shall give him of it, and I will reward the grateful.”

When they killed Imam Musa Sadr in Lebanon, Allah raised Sayyed Abbas Musawi. When they killed Sayyid Abbas Musawi, Allah raised Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, who was hitherto unknown. Killing a leader is not killing ideology”.  There was a time Nigerian armed Forces stationed a special military squad on stand-by inside the Federal College of Education, Gyallesu Zaria, since after the post election violence. It was reported they attempted surveillance visit to Gyallesu Quarters in the middle of the night. Similarly, a military helicopter was visibly seen hovering over Sayyid residence at close range, taking pictures.

Recently, in October, this year (2012), there was a deliberate ‘attack’ on Zaria by the Nigerian security on orders from their overlords ‘above’ through what they deceitfully refer to as ‘exchange of gun fire’. Bomb blasts were reported in some quarters including the most peaceful Kwarbai quarters in the old city. There were huge reinforcements of armed personnel to Zaria. Later they started a humiliating incursion in the name of house to house search. Complaints were raised from different sectors of Zaria community which led to their apparent withdrawal.

It is high time the Nigerian security re-evaluate their perception of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria generally, and the personality of Sayyid Zakzaky in particular. They should also seriously weigh the likely repercussions of their faulty and hasty decisions to please their masters. The use of force and coercion has no place in scholarly battle. If they insist on the use of might through their outdated arsenals of destruction, let them know that Allah is the Almighty is watching and ever capable.

One doesn’t need to consult a sociology Professor to assert that Nigeria is rife for a revolution. There is unprecedented and widespread corruption, induced poverty, high and unacceptable unemployment rate, injustice and gross bad Governance. a revolution is inevitable. But what type? We assert Islamic because there is no formidable outfit either in form of a political party, armed struggle or organized opposition in Nigeria. So there is no parallel to the Islamic Movement. The hegemonic powers and indeed any rational being can clearly see in black and white the high prospects of an Islamic revolution.

 Here in Nigeria we are very lucky. Allah (SWT) in HIS infinite mercy has bestowed upon us the two essentials. That is why the United States and Nigerian Governments are disturbed and envious of the growing influence and respect Sayyid Zakzaky is commanding, not only among the Muslims but even in the non-Muslims’ circle. His is a vibrant Islamic Movement with its roots fully entrenched in the minds of all conscious Muslims, drawing from the fountain of belief and faith. So, no force can crush it. All indices on the ground, therefore, assert the inevitability of the occurrence of an Iran – type Islamic revolution in Nigeria.

The 25th August attacked on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the guardianship of his Eminence Sayyid Ibraheem Ya’qoub El- Zakzaky (H)  had ever since been observing the event peacefully in more than 20 cities across the country. This year it ended well except in the heart of the Movement, Zaria, where the Nigerian Army brutally descended upon the armless protesters who did not commit even an act of provocation. This barbaric, ungodly and wicked cold blood murder per excellence resulted in the martyrdom of 33 members including three undergraduate sons of our spiritual Leader is a clear evidence that Nigerian Government is really committed on its satanic vision to clamp down on the Islamic Movement including the assassination of its leader sayyid Zakzaky,the activities of this movement which had being in existence since when Good luck Jonathan was nobody, a student of poor family in the village then the Military General were battling to stop the activities, expanding and expansion but were not succeed after planning sabotage day and night with their powerful patriotic security agencies unlike the corrupt  and tribalistic one that we have today.

In fact various Nigerian Government have used a lot of strategies including the traditional rulers in its fight against us, for example Deposed Sokoto traditional ruler Alh Ibrahim Dasuki had formed a vigilante group which he named it “GUGUWAR BALAI” the Wind of Calamity and disaster, armed them to attacked the followers of Sayyid zakzaky and later on the wind of calamity had removed him from his royal Palace with embracement and took him to Taraba and dumped him in Kaduna where he is nobody. The former Military Governor of Katsina State Col. John Madaki rtd. Is a living witness that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is the ‘Hard nut to crack’  because when he was in Military power he made some statement against the Katsina leader  of Islamic Movement in person of Mal Yakubu Yahaya with the intension to scare him were greeted with dismay and protest which he regretted his utterances with shame.


The last attacked on Islamic movement before Zaria killings of 25 August took place on 12 September 1996 when a joint security operatives raided the kwarbai residence of Sayyid zakzaky after ransacking the house and whisked him away, the incident were greeted with mass protest by his followers across the nation including some international cities in the world like Los Angeles and London, the military attacked on protesters resulted in killings  dozens and arrested hundreds from different cities in Kaduna state Col hamid Ali rtd then military administrator and his Commissioner of police Yakubu Shaibu had directed security operatives to opened fire on followers of sayyid zakzaky where ever they are conducting Islamic activities and gathering, unfortunately for enemies of Islamic movement all the military Administrators that participated in the attacked were retired on 29th  May 1999 by Chief Obasanjo’s  Administration. CP Yakubu Shaibu is now late and Col.Hamidu Ali is nobody and Sayyid Zakzaky remains the Champion leader of Islamic  Movement  in Nigeria under the protection Almighty Allah SWT and his Vision will one day be aspired even if the Nigerian western puppet against it and does need the support of Nigerian corrupt leaders to help his creatures. 

I wish to use this medium to express my deep condolence to the leader of Islamic Movement in Africa, our mentor and guide, His Eminence, Sayyid Ibraheem -Zakzaky (H) on the martyrdom of 33 disciples including three of his Undergraduate sons. Of course we mourn the loss, but martyrdom is our pride and we hope that Allah (SWT) would accept this sacrifice. Through these precious bloods, we pray to Almighty to emancipate us from imposed state of humiliation to that of dignity.