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Endless Conspiracies: Muslims Must Awaken!

By Sheikh Muhammad Turi
In the name of Allah who states “The Unbelievers are protectors, One of another; unless ye do this, (protect each other), There would be Tumult and oppression On earth, and great mischief. Anfal: 73.

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His noble servant our master Muhammad (s) and his pure progeny.

The sixth global Muslim awakening conference was held two weeks ago in Tehran, the capital of Islamic republic of Iran. The event was graced by hundreds of Muslim scholars and professionals from across the Muslim world.  Although what I am going to share with you is not the souvenir of the conference (having not attended) but is very relevant. In fact I have written a similar article in the past. The Ummah refers to the entire Muslim population across the world. So I write on its unfortunate situation.

Firstly: no doubt, this Ummah is blessed with numeric strength of about two billion. And of all beneficial resources, human is the most influential as it controls all other resources. The great population size owe to a number of factors. Apart from the polygamous marital practices conditionally and optionally accepted in Islam, the religion is greatly patronized by additional believers especially from Europe and America higher than any other across the world.

Secondly:  it is endowed with colossal resources. Beside greater percent of solid minerals, Muslim world owns more than 70% of the world petroleum resources which the world is perpetually in need. Statistically, Saudi – Arabia is the richest followed by Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran and Libya. In fact over 95% of the organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC), members are Muslims! The Ummah can use the resource economically or politically as an instrumental tool against its enemies. However, the reverse is the case, in fact its enemies control the resource in connivance against the natural market factors!

Thirdly:  Historical relevance is another important factor. This simply refers to the admitted supremacy of Islamic civilization over western in terms of scientific and technological dynamism and cultural modesty. I have cited several examples as attested by non – Muslim philosophers and educationists over the centuries in my past articles.

Fourthly:  Another important factor that ought to serve as a strong base for the development of this Ummah is unity of its message. Significant points are unequivocally stressed in the noble Qur’an especially on the issues of brotherhood and unity which if complied with, it will never fall. “Indeed this community of yours is one community, and I am your Lord. So worship Me” Qur’an:21:92.

Fifthly, is what I will refer as religious advantage. There are many such significant options that are generally neglected by the Ummah. A good example here is the annual pilgrimage, which is the greatest multinational, lingual and racial gathering across the world. It is a golden opportunity that could be used to achieve both economic and political ends. But despite our multi – faceted problems unfortunately, we only gather and disperse without any self – assessment not to talk of any curable measures.


The enemies of Islam on the other hand use all resources at their disposal to undermine the religion. They work around the clock and exploit all possible avenues to achieve their aims on their known principle – end justifies the means.


No doubt, media is a very significant tool to achieve socio – political end. Statistically, the Jews own most prominent world print and mass media outfits. As such, they use the same to promote their devilish interests and undermine the teachings of Islam. That is why a Quds International procession in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians or the Eid- el – maulud Unity week rally attended by millions may not be reported in any international media but the world could be compelled to hear the story of a dying cat in a very remote British or American village!

2.     SHI’AH / SUNNAH:

The differences between the two could be pronounced to be trivial as are not of the fundamental. They all believe in the pillars of Islam and faith. “Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations after receiving clear signs; for them is a clear chastisement” Qur’an: 3:105.

However the enemies of the religion promote these differences in their interest inciting one group against the other to the highest possible magnitude. Many Tariqa/Izala, Sunni/Shi’ah and even Qablu/Sadlu clashes were instigated to great loss of the Ummah across the world. As the Muslims are so careless to succumb to such trivial differences the enemy celebrates! That is why Imam Khomeini said “those sowing discord between the Shi’ah and Sunnah are neither Shiites nor Sunnites” As such the late Imam and Sheikh Ahmad Shaltut (may Allah have mercy on them) have demonstrated and left behind significant historical legacy for the Ummah under the common testimony of faith.

Generally speaking, Islam encourages mutual respect, not only between the Muslims but including the non – Muslims as Imam Ali (as) said “do not despise a human being; for he is either a brother to you in religion or a partner in creation”. But religious discussion is allowed between Muslims and people of the book and between the Muslims themselves on the principle of justice and mutual respect.

There are lots of differences between the unbelievers but they have a common interest. So Muslims must be responsible and learn lessons. For example, we are all aware of the north Atlantic treaty organization (NATO) and European union (EU) which are prominent western organizations that are used to achieve not only economic or political ends but also military. So why can not the Muslims actualize one?


Most important questions to be raised may include; what is the role of Muslim organizations in the protection of our religious interests? What are such organizations? And to what extent do they impact the Ummah?

Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) is the prominent Muslim organization. The guidelines stated in the establishment of such organizations must be stuck to in order to achieve the desired objectives. However, the disheartening thing about such organizations is that they are strategically hijacked by the religious enemies. Yes one may follow an Imam blindly, not knowing that he really follows the Satan!

Ironically, this was the most significant aspect strategically discussed by the above conference to avoid such maneuvers. And we are very optimistic that no one on this planet that can misdirect this Islamic awakening campaign from its prophetic track!



The Ummah is afflicted with lots of persecution in the name of war against terror. The relevant questions that linger around include; from whose view was terrorism defined? And who are the terrorists? In this so called war, nobody can tell exactly the number of innocent Muslims killed in Afghanistan. The same thing in the pretext war against nuclear in Iraq and the earlier operations desert fox and desert storm respectively!

We are living witnesses of what is happening in our country Nigeria where the bloodshed increases especially in the north east. Whoever follows the trend of this massacre could know that it is stage-managed. As this deliberately created terror goes on claiming lives of thousands of our innocent brothers and sisters and displacing millions many Muslims do not even mind. This is very dangerous as the messenger of Allah said “the believers are like one man; if his eyes suffer his whole body suffers; and if his head suffers his whole body suffers”

5.     POVERTY

Another factor with which the Ummah is maltreated is poverty. It is very surprising that all the multinational companies engaged in petroleum exploration in the Middle East and Persian Gulf are from Europe and America. They make billions of dollars at the expense of the countries and its masses. Statistics in Nigeria generally show the northern part of the country down with its greater population size. Allah says “Whatever misfortune happens to you, is because of the things your hands have wrought, and for many of them He grants forgiveness”.

So the Ummah must analyze the cause and reflect the teachings of the noble Qur’an before it could emancipate itself from this predicament.

“… verily, never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves with their own souls …” Qur’an: 13: 11.

Therefore, our solution and glory lie in solid unity and strict adherence to the teachings of the noble Qur’an as clearly demonstrated by the noble prophet (s).

And as more people and organizations express their views on the unfortunate security situation in Nigeria including senators and ministers and generality of Nigerians here and in diaspora, the Islamic movement believes and maintains no security challenge in this country. The insecurity is simply a tool artificially created by the political class in collaboration with their foreign partners to achieve their selfish interest!

No doubt the criminals behind these atrocities with which they blackmail Islam shed the innocent blood and destroy properties know themselves and Allah knows them best. The evils are planned, calculated and executed but Allah is the best of all planners!

We pray that Allah the omnipotent protect His religion, expose the culprits to the world and make their end in disgraceful chastisement!

Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah!