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Elrufai: The Drowning Criminal

The Kaduna state Governor Nasir Elrufai of the ZariaMassacre fame yesterday (27/10/2016) took to the Radio and rained propaganda lies on the IMN under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. The Nigerian politician that brought Elrufai to public view was former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and he once described Elrufai as a pathological Liar.

Before starting the discuss I take us back to history and narrate a tradition that proves that man is responsible for all his actions.

Abu Hanifah once went to meet Imam Ja’far as‑Sadiq (peace be upon him). The Imam was inside his house and Abu Hanifah was waiting for him to come out. In the meantime, a small child came out and Abu Hanifah, just to pass sometime, asked him, "O child, from whom is the action of man?" The child at once said,
"O Abu Hanifah, there are only three imaginable sources: either the roan himself is the originator of his action; or God is the doer of that action; or both together are the originators of that action. Now if God is the doer of the actions of man, then why does He inflict punishment on man for the sins? Is it not injustice (zulm)? And Allah says, "Veri­ly Allah is not unjust to His creatures."
And if both man and God are partners in that crime, then is it not gross injustice that the powerful partner (i.e., God) punishes the weaker partner (i.e., man) for an action which both of them performed together? And as these two alternatives are proved to be illogical and impossible, the third theory is proved to be correct that man does his actions by his own power and will." [at‑Tabrasi, al‑Ihtijaj vol. 2, pp. 387‑388; al‑Majisi, Biharu l-Anwar, vol. 5, p. 4, 27.]

When the Nigerian President Buhari, Governor Elrufai and their gang of mass-murderers decided to brutally massacred close to one thousand Nigerian civilians in Zaria last December and dumped their dead bodies in mass graves, it was a decision they willingly took and executed and the King of Saudi Arabia immediately called the Nigerian President Buhari and celebrated with him. These criminals mass-murdered Nigerians to serve a foreign imperialist agenda that has the Saudi regime as a front.

It is impossible that good people mass-murdered close to one thousand people that included women, children and the age in just two days and dumped the dead bodies in mass graves at night. Such actions are the specialities of murderous terrorist groups such as ISIS. These are heinous crimes that is a heinous crime against humanity.

The ZariaMassacre underlined the evil nature and mindset of its masterminds and perpetrators but because they are at the helm of affairs in Nigeria today they are doing everything possible to cover up their role and blame the massacre on the victims. Their evilness is not limited to the ZariaMassacre, they had plunged the Nigerian economy into recession and Nigerians are dying of hunger.

The Elrufai drunken tirades of yesterday against IMN was an act of desperation of the drowning criminal who tried everything possible to bury his crimes but failed. When they buried the Shia Muslims they mass-murdered last December at night they thought the issue was buried but to their sadness and confusion the issue is still fresh to this day. Elrufai obsession with IMN spokesman underlined this line of thought.

On a last note, God gave freewill to mankind and we are all responsible for our deeds. We should do good deeds and avoid evil in all our actions and reactions.

Harun Elbinawi