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El-Rufai: “The animal we are dealing with”

By Abdulmumin Giwa
There is no surprise whatsoever because Governor Nasir El-Rufai displays the peak of disrespect and lack of dignity through the shameless use of vulgar language on a revered leader of millions of people claiming that it was an idiomatic expression. Every responsible and right thinking person knows the right idioms to use in the right place. 

Only fools misuse language in display of their stupidity.
Definitely with Gov El-Rufai’s records of betrayal even to those politicians like former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and former President Olusegun Obasanjo that brought him to limelight says a lot about him.
This even led the former President Olusegun Obasanjo to describe him as a pathological liar and of recent his betrayal of his party members, his crises with all the three Senators from the state, political segregation of the Southern Kaduna and inability to fulfill the promises he made to the state. This is not talking about his inability to condone criticisms in such a way that he uses clause like ‘hate speech’ to descend on those who criticize him or his personal interest especially journalists. Meanwhile, every project he embarked upon in the state has been abandoned halfway.
What is worse is that since the role he played in the Zaria massacre of December 12th to 14th 2015, in which he became a potential candidate of the International Criminal Court (ICC) he has been looking for ways to falsely implicate the IMN and initiate cropped up charges on the leader of the Movement and some of his lieutenants. The IMN he is now describing as an insurgent group is the same IMN he visited during his campaign and on which he even used the clause murderous “Jonathanian Army” to condemn the killing of 34 IMN members including three sons of the leader Sheikh Ibrheem Zakzaky by the Jonathan regime. Yes Jonathan apologized and was sorry for what he did.
Gov El-Rufai is now part of the team that extra-judicially murdered over 1000 innocent unarmed civilians including women and children. His government publicly and shamelessly announced mass burying 347 people that were not necessarily confirmed dead.
He deceptively used state resources to establish a Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) in which IMN members were sidelined and refused a fair hearing and many people were sponsored by the state to go before the commission to concoct lies against the IMN. He produced a whitepaper that is at variance with the findings of the inquiry reference to which he violated the Nigerian Constitution and declared the IMN an unlawful society.
He also declared why he nurses prejudice against IMN claiming that they did not vote for him and telling lies to the public that IMN members don’t vote. He accused the IMN of being an insurgent and terrorist group without any evidence but his personal greed claiming that the IMN does recognize the president as president and him as the Kaduna state governor. This is foolishly in attempt to justify why he joined in the killing of innocent IMN members.
He played an active role in the genocide by using the state resources in destroying all possible evidences of the brutal killings of the IMN members. As the Nigerian Army murdered IMN members in cold blood, burned some of them alive including women and children, used heavy weapons on innocent unarmed civilians and even molested women, they cordoned off the area and washed off blood stains and picked away all bomb and bullet shells to hide evidences of state terrorism. Governor El-Rufai joined in the mischief and demolished all the sites, packed the rubbles to unknown destinations and buried over 1000 IMN members in mass graves some of who were buried alive by him. Here also he violated all known laws in the country as well as the Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute.
As if all these were not enough, Governor El-Rufai used his office to engage in contempt of court through the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) where the court issued an order for the release of the IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. The court also ordered that he be compensated, provided a residence and police protection. The Federal High Court judge in his judgment condemned the attack on the IMN leader as an abuse of fundamental human rights which he described as a mischievous attack by a Sunni majority in power on a Shiite minority. He condemned the massacre as a national embarrassment. He is now seeking to take over the illegal detention of the IMN leader under the pretext that he was going to investigate the ‘terrorist’ activities of the IMN in the past 34 years as he claimed.
He is seeking by all means to justify the genocide, state terrorism and mass murder they have jointly perpetrated. He also killed tens of IMN members that protested against the Zaria massacre in Kaduna on the 15th of December 2015 and during the Ashura activities. Some of his known advisers were among those identified among the sponsored rogues and thugs that attacked the houses of the IMN members and looted and even killed some of them.
These animal tendencies of aggression against fellow human beings perpetrated by the governor and his team are so glaring. They are a display of brutal animal behaviors and inhumanity that makes him part of the team that perpetrated the worse human rights abuse ever in Nigeria. This is the first time out of sectarian sentiments that Nigeria has witnessed government engaging in genocide.
On the other hand the revered leader of the IMN is known for peace, justice, fairness and unity among all humans irrespective of religion, region, sect or race. He is known to be seeking for a better future for Nigeria and has spent all his life striving to achieve this goal. He has set a benchmark that people with animal tendencies like Gov El-Rufai can never achieve even if he has to live ten life times.
This golden life by Sheikh Zakzaky had drawn millions of people to him from all social strata and is highly respected across the world as a leading cleric. It is these qualities that earned him recommendation by a past government.
It is even these qualities that made El-Rufai to pay the revered leader a condolence visit when three of his sons were killed by what the governor described as ‘Jonathanian Army’ only for him to now belong to the ‘Buharian terror team’ that killed over 1000 innocent, unarmed, women, children and men. At the time of that visit the IMN leader was not a terrorist and the IMN was not an insurgent group. They became terrorists and insurgent groups after the massacre. It does not require any talents to identify who the animal is between the two and the animal we are dealing with.