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By Nasir Hashim
Many people expressed their surprise about the position El-Rufai took after Zaria massacre of Shiite Muslims, especially considering his position in 2014 when Jonathan’s soldiers killed 32 Shiites including sheikh El-Zakzaky’s 3 children.

Indeed it is really surprising that a man who unfortunately happened to a leader of community of over 10 million people behaving like this –placing right and wrong in juxtaposition . The same person who swore by what it was thought he believes in, the Qur’an only for him to prove the opposite. What do you expect of such a leader, justice? I doubt!. In my opinion, El-Rufai is not a man of conscience. He can stand by the oppressed at one time and by the oppressor at another time. Everything he does is for political gain- not for humanity. A little I am surprised that he stood by the oppressed, Sheikh Zakzaky in 2014. At that time he was canvassing peoples’ support to becoming Kaduna State governor. Conversely, now stood by the oppressor, President Buhari and his soldiers who massacred over a thousand people for an allege road blockage against their master, General Tukur Buratai. In fact not has El-Rufai supported them but completed the atrocity they stated by demolishing residential houses, places of worship and studies and tomb. There four (4) clandestine reasons for this, I think:
1- Ever since El-Rufai came to understand that Buhari is determined to fight Shiites to their death, without any question logical reasoning he decided he to partner with him (Buhari) in the crusade in order to acquire more trust to enable him (El-Rufai) actualize his dream of becoming the next president of Nigeria.
2- He realized that by fighting Shia those Wahhabis around him, who made him to believe that they are the majority in Kaduna state can confidently vote for him to continue being the governor of state in case the political atmosphere blocks the way to presidential villa.
3- He failed woefully to fulfill the pre-election promises he made to the people of Kaduna state. Thus, in order to divert their attention, he decided to engagethe peaceful minority Shia community in a pogrom so that at the end of the tenure he may have an excuse to give.
4-He does not have knowledge about religion and does not consider it worth knowing. He has no knowledge about Shia or Sunni Islam. He thinks life is about struggle for material wealth and power. I am not sure if he believes in the super natural being. It is a common knowledge that his role model is Dr. Bala Usman.
It is obvious that both El- Rufai and his master in Aso Rock are motivated by political exterior motive against the Shia minority that has kept itself out of the dirty political scenario, system of corruption, falsehood and deception which has been the way of life of the majority of Nigerian people. We, the Shiites shall never use our places of worship to campaign for anybody; it is against our belief and conscience. However, we don’t have any formal prohibition against voting. It is an issue of individual personal choice. To vote or not to vote has nothing to do with one’s religion. Our respected leader, Sheikh Ibrahim E-Zakzaky has never told us not vote or stand to be voted for but always advises us to be extra careful.
We don’t have any problem. If at all we have a problem it has always been road blockage as they always say, but never killed anybody. We have strong belief in everything we say and do. We are always ready to give up our dear lives but never give up our system of belief come what may. Whenever authorities feel like shading blood, they easily attack and kill us because we are armless and forever armless. We are guided by the moral maxim which says “it is better to be oppressed than to oppress”. Whenever they kill us, immediately they rush to the media and say ‘Shiites clash with soldiers or Shiite clash with policeetc.’. They use the word clash not because they don’t know its meaning but because false propaganda, lie and deception are their weapons of offence and defence.
We are grateful to Allah for keeping our hands clear of human blood.
Peace and blessing of Allah be upon the rightly guided.