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Eid Ghadeer celebration in Kashmir, India

Source: Press TV
Like every year, Eid-e Ghadeer which marks the appointment of Imam Ali as the successor of Prophet Mohammad, was observed with tremendous fervor in Indian-controlled Kashmir. A conference was held on the occasion in Kashmir’s summer capital Srinagar.

Muslims in Indian-controlled Kashmir, which is the only Muslim majority province of India, commemorated Eid-e Ghadeer, also known as Eid-e Kabir, with full solemnity and religious fervor. A number of congregational prayer meetings and ceremonies were held across the region to mark the occasion.

 One conference was held in Kashmir’s summer capital Srinagar which was attended by scholars and luminaries cutting across sectarian lines. The speakers discussed different aspects of Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) divine message to the Muslim Ummah. Eid Ghadeer is the anniversary commemorating the last sermon of the prophet of Islam after his farewell Hajj pilgrimage at Ghadeer Khom in Saudi Arabia in which the holy prophet, acting upon the divine guidance, designated his cousin Imam Ali as his immediate successor.

The speakers at the conference stressed the need to promote and strengthen Muslim unity and foil the nefarious designs of anti-Muslim forces that are bent on creating division and discord among Muslims.

The speakers said the essence of celebrating this momentous occasion is to follow the message of Ghadeer Khom and renew the allegiance to the Holy prophet and his household. The speakers discussed various virtues manifested in Imam Ali and pledged allegiance to his wilayat.

For people in Kashmir, Eid Ghadir holds special significance, which is reflected by ceremonies and events organized every year to celebrate the occasion. Scholars in the conference maintained the essence of Ghadeer message is unity and following the holy Prophet.