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Education can only flourish through sustainable, voluntary contribution – Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky/Pictures

By Muhammad Isa Ahmad
Analyzing the country’s current educational predicament in relation to the Islamic Movement’s effort in placing its Fudiyyah model schools on sound footing, His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky says, only sustainable contribution from committed minds can actualize the set objective.

He made the statement at the close of conference by the Education and Moral Training Committee, held at the Jannatu Daar al-Rahma, Zaria on Sunday (15/03/2015).

His Eminence told the participants to encourage among the various arms of the Islamic Movement the culture of voluntary contribution that can be sustained for effective management of the Fudiyyah schools.

“Do not tax people. There has to be a way of encouraging people to see it as an obligation, by spirit of conviction and sustainable effort. They should see it as religious duty”, he said.

He suggested the formulation of an avenue, such as competition that will stimulate voluntary and sustainable contribution for smooth running of the schools.

The Leader also discouraged the culture of occasional launching or appeal fund, which he said does not give the desired results in most cases.

He further explained that, efforts should be geared towards uninterrupted management of the schools as well provision of instruction materials and effective learning processes, rather than on building structures.

Shaikh Zakzaky who traced the history of establishing Fudiyyah model schools as alternative to the collapsed education system in the country said, more needed to be done to uplift them to the desired standard.

He explained that, though the model schools were not up to the level as envisaged by the Movement, they are by far better than government (public) and private schools.

According to him, economic situation has greatly assisted in the collapse of education in Nigeria, especially with the wiping away of the middle class whom he described as the back bone of any economy. “Now in Nigeria, you are either extremely rich or extremely poor; the middle class has been completely wipe out”.

He added that, though there existed a harmonized curriculum for the Fudiyyah schools across the country, administration varies with local situation and therefore learning process may also differ.

His Eminence therefore demanded a harmonized learning process as situation improves, adding that in the near future establishment of a university would be necessary with gradual improvement. “We can do it, even though not to the desired level. It is inevitable, we should not fold our arms in total defeat”, he said. 

He finally hoped that proceeding at the conference will be implemented before the conference and results seen.