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Ebenezer Oyetakin Speaks on ElRufai’s Dirty Work to Please Foreign Sponsors

Ebenezer Oyetakin wrote: They were ten in numbers, you couldn’t stop them, they grew to 100 you couldn’t stop them, they expanded to 1000, you couldn’t stop them, they grew up to 1 million in the midst of persecution, you couldn’t stop them.

 Now they have numerical strength of about 12 million, with great numbers of admirers even among, Sunnis, Christians and men and women of good conscience, that spread across West Africa and all over the world, you are now proclaiming a ban.

This is share arrogance, foolish pride, and irresponsibility of the highest order. You know their hierarchy, their leaders and their arrow head. You can dialogue with them, cultivate understanding with them, they are nonviolent, they shoot no guns and bear no arms. Are you going to provoke them into bearing arms and become illusive and you begin to look for dialogue? I do not know what to call this is it is not gross insanity. Certainly not from Wisdom.

It appeared much more as an international conspiracy and hatchet man job by Governor El-Rufai to please the Saudi Arabia Monarch than a peace of Nigeria and Kaduna. It is unconstitutional, irresponsible, unnecessary provocation and unreasonably discriminatory religiously.

I advice the movement to proceed to Supreme Court to enforce their rights and remain calm in the face of this unwarranted provocation.

NB: Ebenezer Oyetakin is a Christian, an activist and Executive Secretary of Anti-Corruption Network a non governmental organization.