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Dr. Abdulkadir Mubarak Advised Youth to Emulate Exemplary life of the Holy Prophet

By Muhammad Ibraheem Zuru

Dr. Abdulkadir Mubarak is a senior lecturer at the Federal University of Abuja and Almustapha International University. He gave the piece of

advice during his speech at the 2016 annual seminar organized by Youth Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, wrapped up on Sunday, 4th of September, 2016, in Kano.

Dr. Mubarak spoke on the theme: ‘Moral Ethics the Shinning Image of Youth’. He began by expressing appreciation for his invitation to

speak on the aforementioned issue.

Explaining how good morals and morale influenced life of a youth, says, a youth that up brought with good morals and religious tolerance

will enjoy the last phase of his life in good admired image, if God(the Most Omnipotent) spears his life to 60ths or 70ths.

Dr. Mubarak further speaks on adolescent stage of life of the youth. He described the adolescent stage of life as the most critical stage

of life, adding that, this is the stage upon which a youth chooses the way of Allah or deviate towards a path that will end in chastisement

of the eternal doom. This is the stage upon which the devil(Shaytan) is overpowering minds of youths through misguided whisperings.

The speaker attributed the current moral decadence in the Nigerian communities and countries oversees, as lack of good conscience in the minds of youth. He said, the current illegal blood shed in Nigeria and oversees in the name of religious Jihad perpetrated by youth is immensely contributed by the false deception of some scholars in the name of religious interpretation.

He advised the youth to strictly hold the righteous path been interpreted and though by leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

He reminded them the significant of God-fearing as the one and only thing needed by all servants of Allah in order to have salvation in

the hereafter.

He also added called on the youth to avert from all Worldly motives and sticks to to the laws of Allah and all Islamic injunctions for salvaged life after the Day of Judgement.

youths confab kano

youths confab kano

youths confab kano

youths confab kano