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Dissecting MBS Utterances on Sheikh Zakzaky

By Ammar M. Rajab
Last week, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad Bn Salman also known as MBS during his interview with the American Time Magazine declared that they have succeeded in altering what he termed as; “attempt to over throw government by Al-Zakzaky in Nigeria.” 

Radio Deutch Welle Hausa service also reported and there was a clarification by a top member in the house of Saud. They plainly stated how they arrived prevalence due to their efforts towards obliterating Al-Zakzaky errand in Nigeria.

If Nigeria is a serious country the Saudi crown Prince utterances could have open a serious criticisms and caution urging the citizens of Nigeria to be vigilant. If those at the helm of affairs in Nigeria are not control by treasonable elements (apology to Professor Sule Bello), MBS’s statement would have triggered condemnation for interfering in the affairs of a foreign country. I wonder how on earth a human being will accept a contract of destroying an ideology that is based on reason which he doesn’t contribute in establishing it. I am still befuddled. I never come across a textual History or oral history were tortured, murdering and killings succeeded to deterioration of an ideology, never! I thought you only have right on what you found. Why the West with the help of Saudi Arabia aim in killing innocents people?

To dissect MBS utterances, we end to understand the conspiracy behind the killing of innocents Nigerians, the Saudi Arabian officials took the responsibility of killing members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria. They have the guts because they served as paymasters in crushing the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Thus, the President of Nigeria, Buhari took the advantage of his hatred toward Islamic Movement to pull the trigger on them. Aftermath of Zaria Massacre, Nigerians bear witness of many Saudis government officials, Scholars and securities in the presidential house.

In a courtesy visit paid by the Nigerian President in 2016, the President said it clearly to an Arabian TV owned by UAE; they wouldn’t fold their arms to see Iranian influence in Nigeria. Afterwards, those scholars hold the view of Wahhabism in Nigeria, extolled the Nigerian government for killing 1000+ belong to Islamic Movement. Prior to that, the King of Saudi Arabia called the Nigerian President through phone were He congratulated him for killing the Shiites. He labelled it as “fighting terrorism in Nigeria.”

WISAL TV owned by Saudi Arabia in 2015 prior to Zaria Massacre produced a documentary were they raised alarm about; “the spread of Shi’ism in Africa”, particularly in Nigeria. The Politics of killing everyone diverging with their creed by Saudi Arabian officials is not new, they continuously pay the contracts to achieve the West agenda in altering the real teachings of Islam by founding terrorism groups in the name 0f Islam. The Saudi Arabian officials stand on their fit as the paymasters of destroying Muslim’s countries (Nigeria Inclusive) using terrorism.

On the issue of ‘attempting to overthrow the Nigerian government,’ why will Sheikh Zakzaky waste 39 years before over-throwing the Nigerian government? If his assertion is true, Sheikh Zakzaky would have over throw the government before the Crown Prince was given to birth. Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the auspices leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky emerged 6 years before the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabian was born.

In addition, can the Prince tell it to the public the exact figures of those overthrow government in Nigeria how they were arrest? Why are they still walking freely without keeping them incommunicado including the present President? Why will a group or groups their aim is to over-throw a government but they didn’t hold a single bullet despite their existence for about four decades? Those that overthrow a government in Nigeria how many years did they wasted before executing their plans? How many children did they lost? How many family members of their own were mercilessly killed? How many of their supporters were massacred before over-throwing the government? Did it reach up to 1000?

This obviously indicates how the spread of the authentic teachings of Ahlul Bayt scared Saudi Arabia, it provokes them. On the part of the western Powers, including The America, Britain and Israel, a call for reawakening Muslims advocates by Islamic Movements in Nigeria to rise against injustice, oppression, dictatorship makes them scary, because whenever you understand how you are been oppressed by the traitors, it’s the real moment you wake up to fight for your right and liberty, to deny your right, the oppressors do their best. But, the truthful ones are on the path of triumph.

On a final note, Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky was found in the midst of a time were Iran is battling to survive their revolution from the Western Powers. Islamic movement in Nigeria is an Ideology of reasoning founded by Sheikh Zakzaky, to achieve his set goals, He doesn’t need the assistance or supports of any country.

Ammar writes from Abuja  4/5/2018