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Dinner with Sheikh Zakzaky and Shuhada Children + Pics

A dinner for the  children of the Matrys of the Islamic Movement  was held at the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky on Friday the 31 of May 2013 ahead of Annual Martrys Day to hold on Saturday the 1st of June 2013.

Majority of the children of Shuhada, led by the Chairman of the Shuhada Foundation, attended the dinner from different part of the country.  Speaking to the children, the leader of the Islamic Movement highlighted on the exalted status of martrys as well as the significance of matrydom as related in both Qur’an and hadeeth of the Prophet(SAWA).

He also reminded on the children on the importance of charecter moulding stressing  the importance of uprigthness  adding that human is made of two essential parts- the body and soul; each in need of its special food to nourish it. He further explained that as body needs different kind of food to nourish it, the soul needs only remembrance of God, prayers, and all sort of recommeneded acts for it nourishment and brightness.

At the end of the dinner, Sheikh Zakzaky donated a new laptop to one of the Children of the Martrys by name  Adamu Shaheed Saminu for memorizing the holy Qur’an.