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Detention of Malama Zeenah Unconstitutional- family

By Saminu Azare
The family members of malamaZeenatudden Ibraheem Zakzaky has called on the South West political leaders, traditional rulers and the entire civil societies to intervene and struggle over the immediate and unconditional release of their daughter and her husband Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

In an exclusive interview with Pointer Express Malama Nafisat Ibrahim at their family house at Mofa in Ibadan City, the elder sister to the wife of the influential leader of Islamic Movement has strongly condemned the brutal killing of over 1000+ innocent Muslims faithful at Hussainiyya Bakyatillah and Gyallesu resident of Shock Ibrahim Zakzaky in December, 2015

Malama Nafisat said the family members are sad over the unlawful detention of their sister who sustained various degrees of gun injuries and killing of 3 El-Zakzaky’s son in addition to 3 that were killed by Nigerian Military in 2014 during Annual International Quds procession in Zaria.

She said Sheikh El-Zakzaky has been facing assassinating attempt to his life for not committing any crime, adding that on 12the December, 2015 when she was told that army was attacking followers of Islamic Movement, she phoned her younger sister asking her what was happening, then she replied that she did not know anything but she was informed that Nigerian Army were shooting at Hussainiyya after laying siege of the building.

 “Later on I called my sister, so she told me that their Gyallesu resident was surrounded by Nigerian Army and said are you are hearing the gun shot they are coming to kill us now since then, I did not hear anything from her” she explained in tears.

 She further said when president Buhari was elected, she was very happy, because she know he will tamper justice with mercy in his administration but now I don’t support him because of extra-judicial killing of over 1000 this is injustice and detaining of Shock and his wife too is unconstitutional, adding that if they claim their road was blocked by followers of Shock Zakzaky, was the death sentence punishment for blocking road?

 She concluded that killing of innocent defenseless Muslim faithfuls, burning their death bodies and destroying their houses and properties is unacceptable and crime against God and humanity.

Malama Zeenatudden El-Zakzaky is a Yoruba by tribe, indigene of Ibadan, Oyo State, continuing detaining her is a big slap on the face of millions of Yorubas who strongly brought president Buhari to power in May, 2015.

malama zeenah ibraheem

malama zeenah ibraheem

malama zeenah ibraheem