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Desperate Attempt to Kill Sheikh Zakzaky, U.S. Military Onslaught Failed

By Ibrahim Usman

Around 1 am, Saturday (14th June 2014), six military vehicles comprising Jeeps and Hilux vans, with fully masked combat-ready security personnel stormed Gyellesu area, residence of Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

The visit came shortly after the Sheikh came back from Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah for the Nisfu Sha’aban commemoration, where he exposed plan by the Nigerian government through its western conspirators to assassinate him before the holy month of Ramadan or any day in the month.

 Guards at the Sheikh’s residence repelled the attack with shouts of “Ya Mahdi!” that echoed through the night, and in great fear the attackers fired shot and took to their heels.

Commenting further on the failed plot at the Hurras (Guards) parade marking the Nisf Sha’aban on Sunday, Sheikh Zakzaky said the attackers were Americans, for they were fully masked with full hand gloves to cover the colour of their skin. “They hold the concept of White Superiority, which they formed through the Klu Klux Klan cult”.

According to him, the initial plan was to lay ambush on his convoy o his way back from the Nisfu Sha’aban commemoration on Friday, but heavy downpour thwarted their evil plan.

He assured that their plan will always be in vain, saying “They came with the intent of executing a massacre, but our strength lies with God, and unto Him we entrust our lives”.

Sheikh Zakzaky reitrated that, the objective of the U.S. security operatives and their allies in Nigeria was not to rescue the abducted girls but to silence the Islamic Movement which has remained the only voice contrary to their actions. “They think they can do everything and no expect everyone to keep silence. We can never be intimated into silence. This is why we became their target”.

The Leader further emphasized that the alleged abduction of school girls was a deception and a ploy to pave way for the official entry of U.S. military into Nigeria to actualize their heinous agenda. “Right from the onset, on their entry, the clearly spelt out their mission. Therefore the girls were abducted by the Nigerian government as a smokescreen, only to release some, as escapees, to make it look real”.