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Demons of The Pit

By Mahfuz Mudadu

You do not need  a university degree in Model Thinking, Computational Analysis, Gamification or Game Theory, Logic and Reasoning, Philosophy and what not, to see through Western hypocrisy. It is obvious and rather unfortunate, that US together with most, if not all of the EU nations are clearly turning in to yes-manic bootlickers on the alter of Zionism.

 Between the Oval office and Bakin-Gida political prostitutes, diplomatic whores and bitches are never in short supply.

Zionism is a cancer to the body and canker to the spirit. It is a curse. It is the greatest human tragedy ever known to humanity. It is a virus that feeds on war, bloodshed, tears and jeers. In fact Zionism derives its nourishments from all forms of human misfortune, natural and otherwise.

Zionism is a satanic ideology based on racism championed by gangster barbarians. It is an ideology that could not think of any other way to make a fortune but out of human catastrophe. Calling a spade what it is, wasn’t, still isn’t and will never ever be synonymous to casting aspersion against an individual or a group of people. Zionist controlled media may be at their collective best when it comes to peddling misinformation and half-truth, yet it is clear to us that Judaism is never synonymous to Zionism. Both are two worlds apart. So let’s get that cleared before I am accused of being ‘anti-Semitic”. Whatever that means.

Take the recent criminalization of any act of criticizing anything Israel in the State of California which by extension means the United State of America and contrast that with the recent satanic misadventure of some socially dislocated and psychologically deranged misfits that launched the latest onslaught on the Holy Personality of the Holy Prophet of Islam. You will really come to grip with the realities of the moment. That what is being peddled to us as Western values are no doubt a by-product of monolith schizophrenic cum multi-personality disorder.

Add that to the evidently clear double standard adopted by the US and its Western collaborators aided and abated by the black sheep of the Arab/Muslim family personified by aged and dinosaur-like… in fact bunch of predictably dying royal institutions.

Fighting for democracy is a worthwhile and commendable endeavor if it happens in Syria. Same, similar and identical act is condemnable in Yemen and Bahrain. The difference is allegiance and where it goes to. I really do not with all certainty know where Assad’s commitment lies, but I know where his sympathy lies and who he empathize with. It is  surely neither with the imperialist US nor the Zionist Israel. It clearly lies with what have proven to be not only a hard nut to crack but an impossible one to scratch; The Islamic Republic of Iran together with its twin siblings of Hezbollah on one hand and global resistance movement on the other hand.

At the end of the cold war the US has fully warmed up to take up the mantle of world leadership unchallenged. Sure, under its rambling theory of the New World Order, only for the Islamic Republic of Iran to emerged on the global stage and make no pretense in turning that bastard embryo in to a still birth.

To settle the score US charges its National Security PhDs to come up with varied and various mathematical models that shall “Stuntexed” the Islamic Republic of Iran in to submission. Of course their propaganda insolation couldn’t insulate them from their moral bankruptcy. They engineered 911 to have a pretext to invade Iraq and establish a military base preparatory to lunching attack on IRI, so far it ended up handing Iraq to Iran on a platter of gold. LOL! They accused Iran of uranium enrichment nevertheless they turned blind eyes with loud silence regarding Zionist nuclear weaponisation. To say the least Uncle Sam remains to date the only nuclear war criminal known to have used weapon of mass destruction on fellow human beings. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In al-Qaida they claimed to be fighting terrorism. In Syrian they pride themselves as its benefactor. Little wonder why fighting terrorism is reduced to endless drone attacks on armless and defenseless civilians. The motive is clear. A chain is as strong as its weakest link, so they taught us in Stress Analysis, hence the need to weakened Syria and by extension break the link between IRI and Hezbullah.

Unfortunately the model they are dying to replicate in Syria has started back- firing even in its birth place; Libya. There when Gaddafi was lynched to death the ugly faces behind the barbaric act hailed such a disgusting crime. Barely a year after, the chicken went home to roost. “Et Brutus…and Cesar died….”He who rides on the back of a tiger ended up being its next meal. And then what?! Yes we can…again and again… So the Libyan militias seem to be singing.

“Another troubling event unfolded largely unnoticed at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay. There, a prisoner found dead [so we were told] in his cell over the weekend was identified Tuesday as Adnan Latif, a Yemeni who had been cleared for transfer five years earlier. [ This and many more endless list of US atrocities] should serve as a wake-up call for the United States to [do something about] its [battered and] tarnished…” image in the Muslim world even as it grapples with the horrifying attacks on its missions in Libya, Egypt and Yemen…” which clearly points to its diminishing influence and popularity globally. In the final analysis the message is clear to all and sundry : Yankee your time is up!

Mahfuz Mundadu