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Defiance of Buhari to court order to release El-Zakzaky

By Dauda Nalado
Defiance of Buhari to court order to release El-Zakzaky: Between refusal to swallow pride, arrogance, hatred, envy and subservience to imperial powers: 
We are made to believe that Democracy is all about The rule of law. A reformed democrat must therefore obey court orders. 

Otherwise it is another outlook of military junta. Forget about those usurpers of our public treasury in the name of legislators. What on earth is the fault of Malam to attract such treatment from a retired military coup plotter and dictator? Or is it shear hatred or envy because of the loyal, trustful and truthful follower ship which Malam has? The affairs of Malam are divinely ordained. Is the Government and its remote controllers at war with the enactments of the Lord of the Worlds? 

Refusal of the Buhari junta  to release the oppressed Sheikh El Zakzaky and his wife the mother of martyrs, Malama Zeenatuddeen, after the expiration of the court order is to say the least, quite unfortunate. 

In what way does the incarceration of the duo benefit Nigeria? May be the imperial arrogant powers in Tel Aviv Washington and Downing street keep on telling their errand boy that his position is at stake if he dares release El Zakzaky. They have a clandestine agenda in this country and Malam stands alone to expose them. They always forget Allah the creator of might, the exposer of treacheries,  the destroyer of tyrants and the Saviour cum Helper to His servants. We shall continue with the struggle for justice through peaceful processions, write ups, prayers, media releases, etc. We only understand the language of free free Zakzaky! Obey court order free Zakzak