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Death Toll reaches 30, Funeral to hold today

The number of people killed by Soldiers has escalated to 30 following a more attack by the Nigerian Soldiers at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria today Saturday the 26th of July 2014.

Arround 9am local time today a group of soldiers, in military vehicles and armoured tanks, attacked Husainiyyah and opened fire on people at the Husainiyyah thereby killing 3 people on the spot while injuring atleast 10.

Prior to today’s attack at Husainiyyah, the soldiers took two more corpses to motuary of ABU Teaching hospital. They killed the two in a cold blood after arresting them well and alive the previous day and dumped the bodies at the mortuary today saturday the 27th of June 14.

The total number of people killed stands as follows:

  –19 corposes still in the custody of soldiers as they didnt allow to be taken from the moutuary (16 bodies the previous day + 3 people killed at Husainiyyah today).

–11 bodies in the custody of the Islamic Movement that were retrieved after they were killed by the soldiers .

Thus making the total to be 30. Funeral prayer for those in the custody of Islamic Movement will be held by 5pm local time. However, if the remaining bodies are retrieved on time the funeral for the martrys will be held alltogether.

Shaheed Saminu Sufi , one of the killed brothers during an attack by Nigerian soldiers at Husainiyyah Baqiuyatullah Zaria today. He is one of the Staff of the Husainiyyah.