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Dear Northern Brethren

Southerners are not as savages as Northerners, Biafrans are not Shiites. If Nnamdi Kanu were to be a Northerner he would have been extra judicially killed long time ago because of our intolerance and disunity.

Many Army officers were killed in Niger Delta, yet Southerners were not massacred; same goes with bombing of Oil facilities… I still remember Ogoni people stern warning to Buhari in 2015 not to set his foot on their land and till today Buhari steer clear out of fear; Nobody was arrested talk more of massacre.
Believe me if half the number of people killed unjustly during Zaria massacre were to be killed in the south east then be rest assured all those southerners in Buhari’s government would certainly turn their backs against him and definitely that might be the beginning of another civil war. Note this in your diary tell me later.
For those Northerners who have not stayed in the south long enough to understand, just know that Nigeria is only one on paper. So many security operations applicable in the North cannot be applicable in the south no matter the gravity of the offense. You may wish to verify this from Northerners who are residing in the south and who have stayed up to ten years, not yan ci rani.
Southerners are not as foolish as Northerners to fold their arms and allow security operatives massacre their brothers in thousands unjustly no matter their differences. Such things can only happen in the North, the primitive world headquarters of savagery. We must tell ourselves the bitter truth.
It is hypocritical to condemned unjust killings in far Rohingyah while at the same time supporting unjust killings of Shiites in Nigeria simply because you hate Shiites. All lives are precious. Only a competent court of jurisdiction has the legitimacy to pass a death sentence on a Nigerian. But unfortunately most Northerners lack this basic knowledge.
They don’t know that no Army officer or police has the right to extra judicially kill anybody. Extra judicial killings can never be in accordance with any law, it is neither Islamic nor constitutional, it is pure murder and unfortunately only the southerners understand that hence their resistance to mass murder.
The Northerners can only jubilate out of foolishness when their brothers are massacred unjustly in thousands as they did during the inhuman Zaria massacre.
The bitter truth we must tell ourselves is that Nigeria is not one, court released Nnamdi Kanu on bail and was freed by Buhari’s government out of fear but the same federal high court had declared Sheikh Zakzaky innocent since December last year and Buhari has refused to obey that court order simply because Zakzaky is a Northerner, same with Dasuki.
An evil is evil, just like an injustice is an injustice even if it is done by President Buhari. Unjust killings must be condemned by all mankind.
~Sani Bello
Because the Nigerian Laws says so.