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Day 7: Sheikh speaks on how Imam Husain was denied access to water

On Thursday the 7th of Muharram 1436, Sheikh Zakzaky continued with his lecture He spoke on the attrociites of Yazid troops when denied Imam Husain(alaihis salam) his families and companions access to water of Euphrate river despite the harsh condition of thirsty.

He said the 7th of Muharram coincides with day Imam Husain(alaihis salam) was denied water and even his suckling child, Abdullahi Radhi whose name is Ali Asgar,  was denied water to drink too. Imam was was only given condition to have access to water which is to submit and pay alliegenae to Yazid  or die in hardship and thirst.

A letter was sent by Ibn Ziyad to carry out the order of preventing Imam Husain (AS)  access to water. The Imam even  pleaded for water for the suckling child. however, he was denied.