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Day 6: Sheikh zakzaky speaks of Arrival of Imam Husain in Karbala, Yazid troops

ashura mourningBy Ammar Rajab & K. Isa
On the 6th day of Ashura mourning gathering at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah Zaria, Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky spoke further on the tragedy of Ashura.   

He continued to explain that the 6th day of Ashura was the day when troops of Yazid- the biggest troops in history, converged to fight Imam Husain (alaihis salam).

The leader said, though historians differed on the number of troops, but the least according a report is that  Yazid’s soldiers reached 30,000 troops. He also read other reports which put Yazid’s armies to be 35,000;  50,000;  80,000 or 100,000. Another report, though weak, put the figure to be 800,000 troops. Others described  the number of troops of Yazid like a tide of ocean when viewed from a distance; while others called it a Night of intensive darkness; a field of sand or even a heavy rain.

Sheikh Zakzaky further spoke  on causality of Yazid’s troops which Ibn Sa’ad said they reached 150,000 in a letter he wrote to Ubaidullah bn Ziyad in Kufa-  bodies which Ibn Yazid could not burry.

Narrating further, Sheikh Zakzaky said the land of Karbala was full of Yazid’s troops carrying flags who came in the name of war!! Or rather murder. The troops came out to carryout genocide not war as law governing wars considers appropriation of almost equal strength of troops on both sides.  He cited that a football match of team comprising  of 11 players versus a team 66 players cannot be called a game and the winner (team of 66) cannnot boost of anything.

Sheikh Zakzaky explained how Imam Husain reached karbala and his meeting with troops of 1000 led  by Hur. Hur was ordered to prevent Imam Husain(alaihis salam) from a making any further move without fighting him. Imam Husain asked Hur to allow him  to take a route which would neither take him to Kufa or back to madina. Hur agreed and his troops stayed by Imam’s right preventing him any move towards Kufa until they reached a at place in desert. Imam Husain enquired about the name of the place. They answered him with various names like Gadariyyah; others called it Ninawa; upon more enquiry by the Imam they said it is called Dab. Finally they said it is also called Karbala. With this Imam Husain said ‘this place of grief and hardship (KARBUN WA BALA) and ordered his followers to finally settle there.

Hur later was very remorseful, repented and changed to the side of Imam Husain(AS). He is among those who martyred in defending Imam Husain(Alaihis salam).






Sheikh Zakzaky mentioned the various battalions of Yazid’s troops and their flag bearers:

The troops of Hurr Arriydadi is 1000 fighters

-Shabbas Bn Rubu’I (one of the Kuffans who wrote a letter of invitation of Imam) 4000 troops.

– Hajjar bn Abjar 1000 troops

– Urwatu bn Kais 4000

– Hosayn bn Numair 4000,

– Sannan bn Anas 4000

– Yazidu bn Rikab Alkalbi 2000

– Khauli Al’asbahi 3000

– Shimr bn Zuljaushin (LA) 4000

Fulan Almazani 3000

Sheikh noted that all these troops, about 37,000, are those with ride ( horse) as number of infantries are not included here. So,, going by the number of Yazid’s troops of  about 150,000 there were killed according to Ibn Saaed letter to Ubaidullah, putting the figure to 200,000 is small.