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Day 5: Sheikhs Speaks on Invitations of People of Kufa to Imam Husain(AS)

ashura mourning

 By K Isa
In continuation of the Muharram Majalis, Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) on the 5th day, spoke on the letters of Kufans inviting Imam Husain (AS) for protection and offered to him their allegiance.

He said the holy Imam received several letters of invitation to Kufa by groups and individuals which the number of letters, at first instance,  reached 150. However, Imam Husain, not satisfied with the flow of invitations, did not take action immediate.  

 According to Sheikh Zakzaky, Imam Husain received a total of about 600 in a single day, the letters gradually reached up to 12,000.  A letter was written by two Elders of Kufa Imam expressing their support and readiness to host the Imam.

In the letter, he said, they expressed support for the Imam and pleaded with him to come to them. There was also another letter written with similar message by another group of Elders of Kufa.

In response to the people of Kufa, Imam Husain (alaihis salam) sent a letter to them through Hani and Sa’eed. In the letter the Imam said the he understood the content of their invitation in which they expressed that they had no leader except him and were waiting for him. With this the Imam informed them in the letter that he was sending his trusted representative from his family to be in Kufa and find out the condition of the alleged supporters in Kufa, as expressed in their letters.

Later, Imam Husain (alaihis salam) sent his brother Muslim bn Aqeel (rahimahullah), escorted by his few trusted individuals.

Muslim bid farewell to his family and set out to Kufa and before moving he hired two people from the tribe of Qays as they were familiar with the way to Kufa. Along the in the desert they missed the road and faced with severe thirst. The two escorts left Muslim to himself and as such could not go further. They directed Muslim to move on, while they people died of thirsty at last.

Along the way, Muslim passed a place called Madiq-a pond, where Muslim wrote a letter to Imam informing him about what happened to them as they missed the road. Muslim showed a sign of discouragement going by what happened to him along the way, and therefore wrote Imam displaying his incompetency to represent the Imam in Kufa.

The Imam wrote him  back  a letter  encouraging  him to keep moving asking Muslim to overcome his fear. With this, Muslim got the courage and kept moving.

Arriving in Kufa Muslim stayed in  the house of Mukhtar bn Abu Ubaidah as shia kept visiting  him. He read Imam message to them, the same letter given to him by imam Husain(AS).

People wept  upon hearing the message of the Imam.  18,000 people paid allegiance to Muslim bn Aqeel on behalf of Imam. Muslim wrote Imam informing him about the situation. Imam got ready to take the sacred journey to Kufa.

As people kept visiting Muslim bn Aqeel, the governor of Kufa, Numan Bn basher, got to know about the presence of Imam’s representative and the response of people to him. Numan climbed pulpit and spoke to people warning them to  fear God and avoid causing disention among people in order  to avoid loss of lives and properties . Though, Numan said he would not fight one who does not wage war on him nor would he act on hearsay.  Though,  he said he would  fight who disobeys their leader Leader.

Hadrami, who was among the advisers to the Governor,  rosed up advising the Governor  to carry out attack on Muslim bn Aqeel otherwise people would follow him. Hadrami even called the Governor a weak person. However, the Governor, accepted to be called a weak than invoking  wrath of Allah.

Hadrami wrote Yazid informing a about how people are paying allegiance to Imam representative while refuse to take action for his weakness. He advise him to replace him with a strong person, who would obey his command,  to be in charge of Kufa.

 Other people, like Umar bn Saad Bn Abi Qaqas wrote similar message to yazid.

With these letters, yazid consulted closed people to him like the his servant of Muawaiya Sarhum or Sujoon as in other report, seeking advice on the right person to be made governor of Kufa.

Sarhun brought a letter in form of a Will written by Muawaiyyah, the letter was on the appointment of Ubaidullah Bn Ziyad to be  governor of Kufa if it becomes difficult to lead. Ibn Ziyad was the only person who fitted to do any bidding being wicked.

The wickedness of Ziyad is well known, for there was a time he persecuted and even killed followers of  Imam Ali(alaihis salam).

Yazid, who at first rejected the idea of making Ibn Ziyad as governor of Kufa, changed his mind when he saw  the letter written by his father. In part of the letter Muawiyyah said if Kufa became difficult, send Ibn Ziyad to head it.

After Ibn Ziyad was made a governor, what ensued was bloodshed and persecution up to the  episode of Karbala.