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Day 3. Sheikh Zakzaky reads Ghadeer Sermon/ Pics

ghadeer 1435On Monday the 19th of Dhul Hijjah (13/10/14) being the third day of Ghadeer commemoration,  there was recitation poetry on the virtues of Imam Ali and Ahlulbayt(AS) in  different style and themes by the Shu’ara Group.

The Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky climbed the pulpit and started delivering his lecture on the event of ghadeer. He read the sermon of Ghadeer with translation into local Hausa language. He read from the book of Ihtijaaj of Tabrisi .

The appointment of Ali(alaihis salam) as successor of the Prophet (SAWA) is the completion of favor and blessings of Allah upon the Muslim ummah.  It was revealed in Ma-idah, 5:3, “This day I have perfected for you, your religion, and have completed my favour on you, and have chosen for you Islam, as religion.”   So, Obedience to Ali is synonymous to obedience to the Prophet and vice versa. Following Ali is a must by the command of Allah.

The sermon explained virtues of Imam Ali  whom Almighty Allah commanded the holy Prophet to declare as successor ““O our Messenger! Deliver what has been sent down unto you and from your Lord; and if you do not, then you have not delivered his message…”

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