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Day 3: Karbala event is a test for the Ummah + Pics

flag hoistingBy K. Isah
The Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky further spoke on the issue of Ashura tragedy on the 3rd day of Ashura gathering. He said, the issue of Karbala is a test for the  Believers  and as for Unbelievers they  can never  outmaneuver Allah. Imam Husain (alahis salam) and his followers were tested and they passed the test. 

This is one of the ways Allah test those who have faith, and those who are faithless and went astray after clear evidence to them is the curse of Allah.

Karbala, where Imam Husain (alaihis salam) and his followers were killed, is now a city of millions. The desert of karbala is a land of glory as Occupiers of Heaven see light emanating from the land of Karbala. Its sand is used for prostration during Sallah for its blessings.  The killings of Imam Husain(alaiihis salam)  on the land was foretold by the holy Prophet as reported.

On the killing of the holy Imam, Sheikh said Allah executes his affairs base on wisdom, thus, left this to happen while He is ever powerful to abort it. There is widom behind the incident. Also, He sent his messengers  to guide people to  the rights. Others attempted to kill them to frustrate the message. Allah in his wisdom protected Prophet Muhammad(SAWA)  against being killed,  at which killing  him means ‘killing’ the message altogether. The prophet succeeded in delivering the message of Allah amid much sufferings and persecution in the process.

The Makka , where the Prophet left out of persecution of believers,  he eventually made victorious entry to it. The Arabs were overpowered and they submitted unwillingly. He set the captives free out of his mercy.  They submitted to him not by their  choice. The Prophet established Islam.  When departing the world , he appointed his brother Ali as his successor.  They disobeyed Ali (alaihis salam) and eventually killed him at last. They also killed Hasan (alaihis salam).

With all this, they were not satisfied as they finally unleashed their anger in totality on Imam Husain(ALaihis salam) . They even mentioned it at Karbala addressing the Imam: ‘we will kill you for the enmity we have of your father’. And they committed the horrific incident in the history of humanity.

 So, Karbala divided the Ummah into two: The believers who are with Imam Husain and  his enemies on the other side.  Had Allah wished He could have given upper hand to Imam Husain, as he gave to the Prophet(SAWA) against unbelievers,  but Allah wanted to test the believers.  With this test, true believers are differentiated from the hypocrites who might be with Imam Husain should he got upper hand.

In karbala only those with true faith defended Imam Husain and martyred with him. They are the champions and victorious.

Alas, After Imam Husain was martyred his lovers and supporters became very few even in Makka, a situation that may be the opposite had it been Imam Husain got upper hand and had power.

The issue of Karbala shows that many things are covered going by the way its opponents continue to label the gatherings as wrong and innovation. More issues will continue to emerge during mourning gatherings as those things covered will eventually come to light.