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Day 2: Sheikh Speaks on the Reform Mission of Imam Husain(AS)

flag hoistingBy K. Isah
Sheikh Zakzaky continued with speech on the event of Ashura on the second day of Ashura 1436 mourning gathering on saturday the 2nd of Muharram  1436 (25/10/14). After normal salutation, he explained that  without  going through  the history of pre Islamic Arabs, the coming of Islam and what happened after the demise of the Prophet one may not fully grasp the philosophy of  the incident of Karbala.

 However, these areas cannot be covered in Ashura gatherings going by the limited number of days. One shall therefore go into research  and further readings for detail  as the means of study are much more available now.

He further explained that the lessons of Ashura are many and due to time limit, discussions  on the matter  shall be geared towards events that ensued after the death of Mu’awiayyh bn Abu Sufayn who died  in Rajab ending, though, the news of his death did not reach out to parts of Arabian then.

Walid bn Utbah who was the then Governor of Madina, was informed by Yazid over the death of Ma’wiyyah while giving him order to receive allegiance of some people in Madina including Imam Husain (alaihis salam).

The Imam was summoned by the Governor to pay allegiance to Yazid in the night. Imam Husain (AS) addressed the governor that  it ought to be done in broad day light so that everyone could witness the allegiance.  The Governor agreed.  Marwan advised the Governor  to receive Imam’s allegiance instantly;  even by force, otherwise,  Imam Husain could not be seen again. Imam Husain called Marwan ibn Zarqa- his mother being a woman of bad character

Imam Husain(alaihis salam) could not pay allegiance to Yazid a sinner and drunkard; who was known for comitting sin even in public which is the worse of manner. His father Mu’awiyyah also drank publically, though he stopped when he made himself the khalifah.

Imam Husain left Walid without paying allegiance, though, in the letter  to Walid , Yazid ordered that Imam Husain and others to be killed incase they refused to pay allegiance.

Walid refused to kill Imam Husain for fear of wrath of Allah , he was even reported to have said killing him is greatest sin in the sight of Allah and he would not carry it out even at the price of  world resources.

A day later Imam Husain visited the grave of the holy Prophet and prayed there seeking for guidance from God through the intercession of the holy Prophet. There at the grave he was overtook by sleep; he saw the holy Prophet  in his dream telling him :  oh my lover Husain it is as though Im  seeing you in your blood at the plain of Karbala  being killed by  a people who claim to be among my Ummah.

The prophet further told him  that the Imam will reach a special status with Allah  but he could not attain the status unless by way of martyrdom.

Imam Husain (alaihis salam) upon his return to his family , he informed them about the dream and what the Prophet told him. The family members  were terribly agrieved by the news.

The Second night he visited the graves of his mother Fatima Az-Zahra(AS) and his brother Hasan (alaihis salam) and bid farewell. 

Before leaving Madina the Imam visited his half brother Muhammad bn Hanafiyyah who spoke to Imam Husain and advised him to go to Makka for safey and  return to  Madina  only when matters settled;   or else he should  move to Yemen where  helpers  are large in number.  His brother advised Imam Husain to move to desert if  matters became worse. Imam Husain(AS), however, replied his brother that  even if  there should not be a  helper and a place to go, he would never pay allegiance to  Yazid.

Imam Husain started moving to Makka along with his children, relatives and all the children of Imam Ali (AS).  He asked Muhammad bn Hanifiyyah to remain in Madina to see the affairs.

Before leaving, Imam Husain ordered for a paper where he wrote his Will to Muhammad bn Hanafiyyah. In it Imam Husain  declared that his going out is meant to bring about a reform in the  Ummah of his grandfather, but  not in arrogance manner, pride or  to cause corruption.  He reitrated that his going out of Madina is not for power or  to cause corruption: ‘ I intend to enjoin people to doing goods and to forbid wrong  by following the path of my father and grandfather’.

Imam Husain in the Will to his brother further explained that he who accept his view on his reform mission,  to God be the glory and he opposes him  God will be the Judge. 

He wrote another letter to Banu Hashim telling them that whoever follow him will surely attend martyrdom.; and he who absconds shall not attend victory- Meaning martyrdom is  the only victory.

So,  Imam’s Mission is to show the right Islam; to show the true religon as against those who use it for attaining to position of power. Imam Husain also intended to do away with ignorance among people as did Prophets of Allah.  Imam Husain came out for revolution, and he achieved it contrary to  what Yazid  and his parents did.

People were made to believe, over the years,  in following only those who have power even though they are not on the teachings of Islam or have usurped power. That is why they still follwed Yazid  despite Yazid atrocities like the destrction of Ka’aba, waging war in Madina and raping of over 1000 women there by his troops.

The revolution of Imam Husain revived the true religion. Ashura mourning gathering will continue to revive the true Islam though its opponets dont like it.

After the lecture Sheikh Zakzaky recited Ziyara of Ashura and a closing prayer.