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Day 17: Sheikh Zakzaky speaks on the crimes of Ummayads / pics

By K. Isah
Ashura mourning gathering at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah entered the 17th day. Sheikh Zakzaky spoke more on many lessons to be derived from Ashura tragedy. 

 The Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Zakzaky(H)  spoke on the lessons that can be derived from  Ashura tragedy at various stages. He explained that killing of Imam Husain(alaihis salam) and his family members is not a sign, as enemeis of Imam HUsain viewed, that the killers were right having possessed wealth and power. This is not the case and is not a sign of God’s love. Infact its the opposite. Possessing Power and wealth did not make them the Successors of the Prohet(SAWA).

He added that those who usurped power fabricated excuse to justify their action; they brought a cloth soaked in blood claiming to be the cloth of Usman in which he was killed while reciting Qur’an!  The leader lamented how a person shall see misguidance as guidance. whereas,  it is only when Truth is known then those with it can be identified.

The  usurpers of commited many crimes such as :

Fabrication of  Hadeeth to support Umayyads

Hatrage towards Ahlulbayt (alaihis salam)

Disregard and  opposing the Sunnah of Prophet(SAWA)

Their hearts turned hard for they accepted to be in error and loss.

They violated all rules of war.