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Day 10: Sheikh Zakzaky explains the Brave encounter of Companions of Imam Husain(AS) at Karbala / pics

By K. Isah
In the continuation of his lecture of the tragedy of Ashura, on Sunday the 10th of Muharram 1436 (2/11/14) the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Zakzaky(h) spoke on the brave one-on-one encounter of the companions, family members of the Imam Husain(Alaihis Salam) with Yazid’s troops.

He explained how each of the companions of the Imam(AS) attained martrydom. The bravity displayed by the companions of  the Imam (alaihis salam) and their  courage to fight in the defence of the Imam, dispite harsh of thirsty, is commendable, even in the eyes of non-Muslims.

Through one-on-one encouter each of the Imam’s companions killed large number of the Yazid’s troops, however, in a mere display of wickedness and braking the rule of engagement,  Yazid’s armies  carried out group attack on a companion and killed him instantly.

Sheikh Zakzaky explained how each of the companions attained maytrdom one by one, followed by his  family members incuding the children of Imam Hasan(alaihis salam) and Imam Ali(alaihis salam). Each faced the troops of Yazid killing large number before attaining martyrdom in cruel manner by way of  group attacks by Yazid’s armies seeing how a single person killed large number of them.

 Imam Husain was the only one remaing as all his companions have attained martyrdom.