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Daugther of late Imam Khomeini(QS) Condoles Sheikh Zakzaky

Zahra MustafaviDr Zahra Mustafavy daughter of Imam Khoemeini and Secretary General of International Union of NGOS Defending the People of Palestine sent her condolence message to Sheikh Zakzaky(H).

In the letter she descrbed her deep sorrow over the matrydom of Sheikh’s three son along with tenths of people by Nigerian soldiers. the letter reads: "Mr. Ibrahim Zakzaky, the Honourable leader of the Shiite People in Nigeria.

The martyrdom of 35 innocent people from the followers of Infallibles,  in particular your dear children who  spent their entire life for the cause of Islam and the Ahlulbeit(As) has made me to grief and to express my deep and sincere condolences to you and your dear family and the Nigerian Shiite society.

No doubt the blood of these loved ones and other co fellows will irrigate the young tree of Islam and Shiism in that land their only aim was to revive the word of Allah and defend the oppressed people of Palestine and  deprived people of Africa.

Their martyrdom takes place   at a time when the Muslims in all different parts of the world stretching from Palestine to Gaza, from Syria to Iraq  are  fighting relentlessly against Zionism and their allies including Daesh and Takfiris and this war of the right against  the wrong (Haq and Batil ) has continued since the history  and in the form of jihad on the way of Allah of the men of God and the monotheists.

 You yourself have been among the pioneers of this jihad for Allah and have spent your life fighting against Zionism and are fully aware of its hardships.

 It is hoped that Muslims and in particular the Shiates will be able to endure the pain and grievances of this path by relying on the AhlulBeit  and Imam Hussain (As),the Master of Martyrs.

I pray that the Almighty Allah will bless you with patience and endurance for you, your family and the bereaved families in Nigeria."