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Court orders for the release of Mal Qasim, 112 others

 The High Court in Sokoto, presided by Judge Bello Duwala and Judge Danlami Sabo ordered for the immedidate release of Mallam Kasim Umar and 112 others  following a complain lodged before the Court by Counsel to Mallam Kasim and other Muslims in detention.

 The Counsel to Kasim accused the Court of Injustice on its earler judement in which it passed Judgement on Mallam Kasim and 112 others to spend 8 or 11 years in Prsion. Even if the accused are found guilty of 6 count charges, they are not ssupposed to spend 3 years in prision for the fact that each of the charges carries 6 month imprisonment, the Counsel explained.

The Counsel presented eleven more complaints to the Court over its previous Judgement.

 Base on the complaints lodged by the Counsel to the accused, the court, on Monday the 23rd of September, 2013, ordered for the immediate release  of Mallam Kasim Umar and 112 who have already spent 6 years in various prisons accross the country. The court further expressed that the accused were supposed to have been released 3 years ago, based on the charges against them. The court therefore ordered for their unconditional release.

As the court now prepares to send document to variuos prisons on the latest judgement, what remains now is to wait and see weather the Court order would be implemented or not.

Muslim Brothers of the Islamic Movement in Sokoto were arrested after the killing of one Umar Danmaishiyya by yet to be identified assassins in 2007, which many believed to be carried out by Government’s agents for his effort to stop what the Governor called the spread of Shiism in the state. Some brothers were killed by hoodlums sponsored by Governor Wammako while their properties worth Millions of Naira were destroyed.

However, No evidence could be established linking the killing of Danmaishiyya to Muslim Brothers of the Islamic Movement, which made the court to drop murder charges against the members months later. But, yet for unknown reasons, the Judge, after delay tactics, passed eight year imprisonment against members for charges mentioned above which were not proved beyond reasonable doubt as provided by the law. 

In a Judgment delivered in the early morning of Tuesday the 27th may 2008, by Muhammadu Mustapha Balle of the Upper Sharia Court I in Sokoto, Mallam kasimu Umar and 112 others were sentenced to eight years imprisonment.

The charges include unlawful assembly while armed with deadly weapons, inciting the public, obstructing public servant from discharging his duties, constituting public nuisance, resisting arrest and insulting or exciting. However people say that these are baseless charges against the peaceful member of Islamic Movement in Sokoto who have been conducting their activities peacefully for over 20 years.