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Conference on Gaza resistance begins in Tehran

Source: ABNA
A major conference on the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and the West Bank has started work in Tehran on Sunday.

Titled ‘Gaza, symbol of resistance’, the conference is going to examine the threats and assets of the regional anti-Israeli resistance as well as the prospect of PA-Israel talks among others.

The panel debate will also consider the gains of the Palestinian resistance in its battle against the Zionist regime in the 22-day war on Gaza in 2008-9 in the sixth anniversary of the major Palestinian military feat.

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and Representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement in Tehran, Naser Abu Sharif are among the lecturers scheduled to talk in the conference.

One hundred researchers have joined the conference with two foreign guests from Iraq and Canada set to present their papers.

The conference runs the motto of “resistance, sole path to liberate the Holy Qods” and will be chaired by the Secretary General of Iran-based Society in Defense of the Palestinian Nation (SDPN), Zahra Mostafavi.

It has been co-organized by the Qods News Agency and the SDPN that serves as the largest pro-Palestinian NGO in the Islamic Republic.

January 19 has been designated by the Iranian parliament as day of Gaza in the Iranian calendar.