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Condolence Letter from Palestine

A letter of condolence over the Martyrdom of Hammad Zakzaky was sent by A Global Campaign to R eturn to Palestine- a Non Governmental Organisation in Palestine/ The letter signed by its Secretary says:  

"With the deepest feelings of sorrow and grief, the secretary of The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine has received the news of the martyrdom of our dear brother “Hammad Ibrahim Zakzaki” Member of the Campaign in Nigeria.

Hammad was killed in a brutal attack after he returned to his home following his participation in “The Third Global Convention for Solidarity with Palestine; The Youth Meeting” which was held on the 8,9,10, of December 2015 in the Lebanese Capital Beirut.

He was killed along with hundreds of Nigerian civilians who formed a human shield to protect the head of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria & Hamad’s father, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaki. They protected the Sheikh from almost certain assassination.

They were all shot down by the Nigerian Army, described by an Islamic Movement spokesperson as “a strong ally for the Zionist occupation and infiltrated by the American – Zionist entity”.
As we strongly condemn this vicious crime, we remind you that Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaki had also lost 13 members of the movement, including three other sons Ahmed, Hamid and Mahmoud, during Al-Quds day procession 2014 in a suicide bombing that targeted the peace march.

condolence letter from palestine