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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.


All praise be to Allah, the Most High, Who created man and taught him by the pen. Peace and endless blessings of Allah be upon our role model, Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), his pure progeny, his noble companions and those who follow their path and struggle to establish the supremacy of Allah on earth.


In Shawwal 1434 (6th – 9th Shawwal = 12th – 15th August, 2013), the Fudiyyah Islamic Centre, Zaria hosted a maiden “Train the trainers workshop on teaching methodology for teachers of Fudiyyah Islamiyyah, Primary and Secondary Schools”. The programme was organized by the Education Committee of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria at the instance of the leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).


Seventy-four (74) participants from all the zones of the country participated in the workshop and the aim of the workshop is to equipped it participants with critical knowledge and skills on teaching methodology at primary and secondary education levels; for effective and efficient teaching activities at the Fudiyyah Schools nation-wide.


During the four (4) day training workshop, educationist and experts on teaching methodology from various educational organizations, Nigerian universities and colleges of education delivered lectures on different subjects. The papers presented in the programme comprises the following:


1)         The significance of curriculum, syllabus, scheme of work, lesson plan & lesson note in preparation of lesson;


2)         Classroom management;


3)         Teaching method: a comparative approach;


4)        Teaching methods in Islamiyyah and Tahfiz schools;


5)         Guidance and counseling services in primary & secondary schools;


6)          Elements of special education;


7)         Micro – teaching and multi-faceted aspects of Students evaluation;


8)          Education; right of a child and a child trust on his teacher;


9)          Students discipline and school regulations; and


10)      Fudiyyah Schools and challenges a head.




At the end of the programme, on Thursday 9th Shawwal, 1434, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) delivered a closing lecture to the participants at Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria. In his speech, the leader started by commenting on the workshop which he said is for professionals in the area of teaching where they presented different papers of various topics in education, and he spoke on children and their education, teachers and teaching methods, teaching materials and learning environment. At the end of the programme, Sheikh (H) presented certificate of attendance to the participants of the workshop.


Having listened to the lectures presented and deliberations made in the workshop, we (the participant and organizers of the programme) thanked Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) for the guidance and this opportunity given to us, to participate in the workshop.


We also identify the need and agreed to:


ü Continue the workshop annually;


ü Utilized the knowledge acquired from the training workshop for effective and efficient teaching in Fudiyyah schools


ü Extend the knowledge acquired from the training workshop to colleagues and general public for effective and efficient teaching in primary and secondary schools in the country;


We finally expressed our dismay on how the Federal Government of Nigeria is mishandling the issue of education in the country, especially the decay and state of affairs of the Nigeria University System (NUS). After careful study of responsibilities of every government in providing qualitative education to her citizens, Nigerian University System (NUS), and the scenario before and after the agreement signed between the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) and Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in October 2009; we finally admits that the later (ASUU) is the oppressed and we sympathized with the oppressed.


Considering the wealth resources the Creator of heaven and earth blessed Nigeria with, we wish to boldly inform the FGN that students of Nigerian Universities deserved an uninterrupted and qualitative university education that can provide them employment, not a schooling that increases the rate of unemployment in the country.


While sympathizing with the students, their parents and ASUU, we want to draw the attention of ASUU as a forum of intellectuals to please navigate to the side effects of interruption in academic activities to students and explore additional means of compelling the FGN to carryout their responsibilities. The additional means include the following:


a)   Obtaining accurate evidence of irregularities in the administration of education made by the FGN;


b)   Initiating a legal action against the FGN and any government official that partake in the irregularities;


c)   Enlighten the general public on the irregularities, and


d)   Reawakening the people to stand up against the irregularities.


All praise be to Allah (SWT)


Abdurrahman Abubakar Yola


The Chairman,


Education Committee of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria