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Close of Ashura Mourning in Nigeria: Sheikh Zakzaky Enumerates Lessons

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem zakzaky spoke on the  lessons of Ashura during the close of the mourning programmes on Thursday the 13th of December 2012 at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria, Nigeria.

Sheikh Zakzaky outlined some  of the lessons, out of numerous, that can be drawn especially those discussed during the past 29 consecutive days.

The Leader also responded to the unfounded claims of those opponents of Ashura mourning, who view Ashura as an insignificant historic event of the past. He said ‘Ashura tragedy  is the pointer towards true religion of Islam; it is the barometre between faith and disbelief.

Making further explanation of the tragedy, he cited the battle of Badr where the Quraish came out in  large number fully armed, with hearts full of hatred against the Prophet and his followers, and attacked a very small group of Muslims and Allah gave victory to the  small of group of the believers. This, he pointed out, clearly shows those with Allah. It was demonstration of firm belief (Iman) and firm disbelief (Kufr) at work.

Sheikh said, the case of Ashura was out of the ordinary, far away from conventional battle. It was the case of thousands of fully armed bands of army of about 75,000,  attacking less armed of people less than 100, among them women, children, babies and the sick. It was the case of unequal partners in strength. The killing of Imam Husain(AS), his family members and companions serves a demacation line between true faith, represented by Imam Hussain(AS) and hypocrisy, as represented by Yazid. Without Ashura, and it stands for, Islam would have been lost.

 More lessons from Ashura as explained by the Sheikh:

-Ashura shows that there is Islam brought by the Prophet (SAWA),and that of the enemies of the Prophet.

-Islam without the Ahlulbay(AS) is fake.

-Love of the Ahlul Bayt (AS) can never be combined with love for their enemies.

-Love of Ali is a sign of true belief(Iman,) as the prophet declared. The battles of Siffin and Jamal shows that whosoever was not with Imam Ali was on the wrong path. "Ali is with the  truth and the truth is with Ali…" The case of Ashura is the same.

-Those who follow the Ahlulbayt(AS) are on the right path, those who support Banu Umayyad belong to the fold of the hypocrites who have spread false Islam.

-Opposing Ashura is sign of fear that, truth is being revived, and true Islam will eventually triumph.

Sheikh Zakzaky concluded by saying that the victory of Imam Husain(AS) is the victory of truth against falsehood; the victory of blood against sword. The tragedy of karbala is a trial for Muslims.

At the end of the session, Matam was performed, ziyarah of Imam Husain (AS) and karbala martyrs was recited, followed by the supplication of Kumayl.