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Clampdown on IMN: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth. Part 2

By AbdulmuminGiwa
Initially, President MuhammaduBuhari had contested several times to become president of Nigeria but had not succeeded. Even in 2011 when he lost elections, his angry supporters clamped down on People Democratic Party (PDP) members burning down their property and even killing Christians in some places in Northern Nigeria.

 There was a serious post-elections violence perpetrated by his blind supporters as a result of losing the elections. The support for President Buhari was propagated using sectional and religious sentiments and those who opposed him used the same thing against him as well.
The Americans and the Israelis saw it as an advantage for them to throw the weight of their support on and to ensure that he becomes president but not without a price. That price was for him to accept to kill Sheikh Zakzaky, disperse his follower and outlaw the IMN. For this they would make him president. From all indications, he conceded to this proposal and accepted to exterminate a group he had never had any history of problem with.
More so, even some members of the IMN supported his presidential ambition using their NGOs and other machineries to promote him. A lot of them had hope that he was going to look into the killing of 34 IMN members by some soldiers only to end up endorsing a MoU to do worse where he killed over 1000 innocent unarmed men, women and children. IMN members were butchered by President Buhari, with some burned alive, other extra-judicially murdered by the Army and others even buried alive in mass graves. He killed three other biological sons of the IMN leader making a total of six sons killed by the Nigerian Army through executive conspiracy. The IMN leader and his wife were shot severally to the extent that the stakeholders of the Zaria Massacre celebrated the demise of Sheikh Zakzaky but were later disappointed when God Almighty brought him back to life.
The Wahhabis, who were paid by the PDP regime to oppose President Buhari during his campaign celebrated and eulogized President Buhari for killing the Shi’ites. It was so terrible that some of them even described him as ‘the god of the north’ (UbangijinArewa).
To further elaborate the point that President Buhari was selected and made President by the global opponents of Islamic Iran, everybody in Nigeria witnessed how the then American Secretary of State John Kerry vividly displayed his support for President Buhari. Kerry was in Nigeria for that and met with some key northern figures. President Buhari was also in America before the elections and was widely advertised and promoted by their mainstream media.
One thing remains clear that President Jonathan had to accept the fact that Buhari was the choice by the Americans and for that he congratulated him even before the election results were announced. If he had wanted to remain in power he would have done so but he knew he had no support of the self-appointed policeman of the world. All he needed to do, as past leaders have also done, is to rig the elections and prepare the mechanism to manage post-elections crises and simply declare himself president and that is all but for the agreements with the Americans. This implies that if the Americans wanted President Jonathan to continue as president they would have supported him even if they have to use the same mechanisms to impose him.
On winning elections, President Buhari, his American masters and their Israeli and Saudi connections unfolded the anti-IMN plot. Their mission was to kill Sheikh Zakzaky, disperse his supporters and outlaw the Movement. The American controlled mainstream media would be made to be totally silent about the mission which is also part of their policy to be silent about anything that is in favor of Iran and Islam but promote phobia against the duo.
One would wonder why the Americans, Israelis and the Saudis would form a team to exterminate the IMN. The reasons are not far-fetched. The Americans see the IMN as a strong Iranian influence in Africa. This they see as dangerous to their interests on the block and have to engage in a proxy war against the IMN. The IMN has always exposed the American plots of exploiting the African countries economically and turning them into dumping grounds. It has called for true emancipation and freedom from modern forms of slavery and colonialism led by America in Africa. Hence the Americans hate IMN because of its level of enlightenment that is exposing of their hypocrisy and exploitation of the people. They see the IMN as a threat to their greed on the continent.
The Israelis on their side see Islamic Iran as an arch-enemy that must be exterminated and so should its interests and influences across the globe. The IMN is leading in the anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian activities in Africa. The IMN has influenced millions of people in Africa, both Muslims and Christians to support the oppressed Palestinians and to speak out against the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands by the illegal state of Israel. Like the Americans, they also see the IMN as an Iranian influence judging by their experience with the Hizbullah of Lebanon which had barred it from occupying Lebanon. The case of the response of the Israeli Ambassador in Nigeria to the IMN when it commemorate the 60 years anniversary of Israeli occupation of Palestine which the Israelis celebrated as their 60th year as a state is still fresh in the minds of the public. So definitely they want IMN exterminated by all means.
The Saudis on their part are the propagators of the American accepted brand of Islam Wahabism. They promote sectarianism, extremism and even terrorism in the Islamic world. They are the proponents of American and Israeli interests in Muslim countries across the globe. They have a role to play in supporting every attack by the Nigerian government on the IMN using their agents in Nigeria that they have established as religious clerics. They spread dangerous ideas through their Shi’ah-phobia activities and also promote hate speeches. The Saudi- American-Israeli alliance could clearly be seen in how the American government played a role in stopping its people from taking court actions against Saudi Arabia even as it was clear that Saudi Arabia was fully involved in the 9/11 Twin Towers bombing in New York.
These reasons and more necessitated the alliance among the trio. All that President Buhari needed to do to pay back his being made a president is to exterminate the Shi’ites even though it is not an easy task for him.
This was made easier for him because as some analysts have rightly observed, no leader from any region in Nigeria had ever attacked and killed people from his region no matter the extent of their misdoings as was done by President Buhari.
For example President Obasanjo never attacked and killed the Oduwa People’s Congress (OPC) despite their misdoings, President Jonathan never attacked and killed the Niger-Delta militants but even paid and empowered them and also the leading Nigerian Igbo politicians and leaders disagree with any military adventure against the IPOB who they even describe as their sons and daughters. But most unfortunately, President Buhari was quick at massacring over one thousand innocent and unarmed civilians made up of men, women and children simply because they are Shiites and the so-called northern leaders are quiet about it. They simply watched as President Buhari is murdering their vibrant youths, founding more delinquencies through producing more orphans and widows in their midst simply because they are Shiites and the Americans and Israelis don’t like them and nothing more. It was a case of using a northerner to destroy and kill northerners as against using a non-northerner which would have changed the entire expected outcome.
On their own side the paid religious clerics support the massacre for no sensible reason other than the monies they receive from Saudi Arabia and the Nigerian government. They are sponsored by the states to spread hate speeches and propagate lies against the IMN. They are pioneers of anti-Shiah propaganda. It is as though abusing and concocting lies against the Shi’ites and Shi’ism is the main creed of their religion. They have declared the lives and property of the Shi’ites lawful for their followers and hence they kill them at will and steal their property while the government pretends not to be seeing anything. They are paid and used by the Nigerian Army and government at both states and Federal levels to justify the massacre of innocent unarmed IMN members. They describe President Buhari as a saint, a saint they were paid N500 million to oppose during his campaign who also paid them back in his selective anti-graft war by pretending not to know that they were major corrupt agents.
What is even more stupid is how they spread lies that it was the IMN members that cast spell on President Buhari and made him ill. Their foolish followers were set on the track of attacking IMN members and killing them should President Buhari die. This was deliberately instigated by the cabal managing the extermination of IMN that are working for America, Israel and Saudi Arabia.
The IMN had existed for close to 40 years and had never ever had any records of taking up arms against the state. It has also never been prosecuted by any court of law. It had always been the government that was declared guilty of misdoings and instructed to pay damages which they have never obeyed.
Just of recent, in response to an independent report released by the Amnesty International (AI) exposing the poor human rights records of the President Buhari regime, the ministry of External Affairs did its best to not only disgrace the Nigerian government on the global scene, by labeling false and unsubstantiated accusations against the AI, it also declared the IMN as a terrorist group without presenting any sensible or reasonable facts and evidences. It made a fool of itself likening the IMN to Boko Haram. Whereas the Boko Haram belongs to the main stream Sunni school of thought, the IMN is inclined to the Shiite school of thought. They have no link what so ever with Boko Haram. The IMN does not accept and does not believe in any form of arms struggle because it is an intellectual ideology that gives life to people and not bloodshed as displayed by the APC pro-Sunni regime. The IMN enlightens, it educates and also emancipates the oppressed and exploited from the clutches of wicked tyrants and oppressors. Definitely no one would expect any tyrant or oppressor to be in good terms with the IMN.